15 Facts About Kotaro Suzuki


Yasuhiro Suzuki, better known by the ring name Kotaro Suzuki, is a Japanese professional wrestler currently working as a freelancer.


Kotaro Suzuki is best known for working for the Pro Wrestling Noah and All Japan Pro Wrestling promotions, where he was a four-time GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion for Noah and a one-time World Junior Heavyweight Champion for AJPW.


Kotaro Suzuki debuted on Noah's 2001 Christmas show, and started wrestling under his real name of Yasuhiro Suzuki, but quickly changed it to Kotaro Suzuki.


Kotaro Suzuki challenged twice for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship in 2004, and was unsuccessful in both attempts.


Kotaro Suzuki later betrayed Marvin by joining with Yoshinobu Kanemaru in tag team, which ended with they winning the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship.


When Mitsuharu Misawa died, Kotaro Suzuki adopted not just a green attire resembling the green tights of his mentor but started to use some moves like elbows and the Tiger Driver to pay him tribute and became a face again.


Kotaro Suzuki was later expulsed from Disobey and started a rivalry with his former partner Kanemaru.


Kotaro Suzuki would regain the GHC Junior Heavyweight Title from Kanemaru on December 5,2010, ending his long title run.


On September 23,2011, Kotaro Suzuki lost the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship to Katsuhiko Nakajima.


On December 19,2012, Noah announced that Kotaro Suzuki would be leaving the promotion, after refusing to re-sign after Kenta Kobashi was fired.


Immediately afterwards, Kotaro Suzuki went on a win streak, which culminated with him defeating Masaaki Mochizuki on February 16 to win the 2014 Jr.


Kotaro Suzuki would be the first man to defend the championship outside of Japan, defending the belt on two occasions, one at 4 Front Wrestling against Mark Haskins, and secondly at Pro Wrestling Pride against Ultimo Tiger.


On February 3,2017, Kotaro Suzuki defeated Shinjiro Otani to win Zero1's International Junior Heavyweight and NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championships.


On September 1,2018, Kotaro Suzuki returned to NOAH at Naomichi Marufuji's 20th anniversary show, where he teamed with HI69 and Minoru Tanaka to defeat Seiya Morohashi, Hitoshi Kumano and Hajime Ohara and afterwards brawled with them.


Kotaro Suzuki later won the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Yoshinari Ogawa and formed a stable named Stinger later joined by Atsushi Kotoge and Chris Ridgeway.