10 Facts About Kristi Funk


Kristi Funk is an American breast cancer surgeon known for her surgical treatment of celebrities Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow and her advocacy of whole-food plant-based nutrition.


In 1991, Funk graduated with distinction in psychology from Stanford University.


Kristi Funk obtained her medical degree from the UC Davis School of Medicine in 1996.


Kristi Funk was director and surgeon of the breast center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for 7 years.


Kristi Funk opened the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills in 2009.


On May 14,2013, the same day Jolie publicly disclosed in a New York Times op-ed her BRCA mutation status and the prophylactic mastectomy she underwent earlier that year, Kristi Funk released a blog post about Jolie's procedure in which she outlined the stages of surveillance and treatment that were followed in her case.


Kristi Funk promotes a whole-food plant-based vegan diet and has stated that dairy products increase the risk of breast cancer.

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Kristi Funk has argued that buying organic foods, eating berries and cruciferous vegetables and switching to bar soap could reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.


Kristi Funk stated that there is a link between being overweight and developing breast cancer but Funk's claim that eating berries substantially reduces the risk of breast cancer is not supported by solid evidence.


Gorski claimed that Kristi Funk has overexaggerated the effects of dairy and meat as risk factors for breast cancer, which according to Gorski are based on studies that are negative or only suggestive, and that Kristi Funk has promoted pseudoscientific views about detoxing.