14 Facts About Kundara


Kundara is a census town in Kerala and is part of the Kollam Metropolitan Area, India.

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Kundara is significant for its historic involvement in the Indian independence movement.

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Kundara was once the industrial hub of Southern Kerala, which was the home to prominent industrial companies including Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company, The Aluminium Industries Limited, Kundara, The Kerala Ceramics Limited and the Lakshmi Starch company.

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Kundara is attempting to revive this industrial tradition and glory of bygone era now by developing Technopark Kollam and The Kerala Ceramics Limited.

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Kundara is famous for backwater fishing since it is located on the shores of Kanjiracode Lake, a branch of Ashtamudi Lake.

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Kundara has a prominent place in the history of Kerala and the independence struggle of India.

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The place witnessed the historic Kundara proclamation made by then Dalava of Travancore, Velu Thampi Dalawa on 1809 January 11.

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Since early days Kundara developed as a market place for trade due to 21 feet wide Quilon Sengotta Road that connected Travancore to Madras Presidency and proximity to water transport through Ashtamudi Lake.

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Kundara had abundant reserves of China-clay the key raw material for Ceramic and Porcelain.

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Backbone of modern industrialisation of Kundara was setting up of a 66kV Electrical substation at Kundara on 3 May 1940 which complemented the Pallivasal project, the first hydroelectric project in Kerala.

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The Kundara substation was later upgraded to 220kV capacity and today it is vital in providing electricity to Kollam City and Kollam–Thiruvananthapuram trunk line of Southern Railways.

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Kundara was pioneers in aluminium electrical cable manufacturing in the region and has manufactured cables more than 1 crore km in length.

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Kundara slipped into crisis in late 1980's due to labour issues and poor management.

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Kundara is one among the 11 legislative assembly constituencies in the district of Kollam.

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