15 Facts About Laurentian University


Laurentian University offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate-level, and doctorate degrees.

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Laurentian University is the largest bilingual provider of distance education in Canada.

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Laurentian University programs specialize in many fields, including arts, social sciences, technology, natural sciences, engineering, mining, geophysics, health, business management, finance, and forensics.

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Laurentian University's campus is located on the south side of Ramsey Lake in the Bell Grove neighbourhood, just south of Greater Sudbury's downtown core.

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Laurentian University federation combining representatives from the Roman Catholic, United, and Anglican churches was incorporated as a "non-denominational, bilingual institution of higher learning" in 1960.

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The new Laurentian University held classes in the University of Sudbury facility, as well as in a variety of locations in the city, including the Sudbury Steelworkers Hall, until its current campus was opened in 1964.

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Laurentian University opened a campus in Barrie, Ontario in 2001 in partnership with Georgian College.

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Laurentian University is a member of L'Association des universites de la francophonie canadienne, a network of academic institutions of the Canadian Francophonie.

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Laurentian University has both English and French language education programs for teacher training.

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Lambda is a member of Canadian Laurentian University Press, and CKLU is a member of the National Campus and Community Radio Association.

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Laurentian University owns over 765 acres of land, including a private beach.

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Laurentian University Residences offers five unique residences under the supervision of the main campus and three located at the main campus under the supervision of the federated colleges.

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Laurentian University College Residence is a ten-storey co-ed building with single and double rooms, providing accommodations for 240 students.

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Laurentian University College is connected to Student Street, giving students access to the same amenities available to SSR students.

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Huntington Laurentian University is affiliated with the United Church of Canada, but does not require religious affiliation.

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