17 Facts About Lawn Tennis


Lawn Tennis is an Olympic sport and is played at all levels of society and at all ages.

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Lawn Tennis is played by millions of recreational players and is a popular worldwide spectator sport.

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Lawn Tennis produced a boxed set which included a net, poles, rackets, balls for playing the game – and most importantly you had his rules.

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Lawn Tennis was absolutely terrific at marketing and he sent his game all over the world.

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Lawn Tennis had very good connections with the clergy, the law profession, and the aristocracy and he sent thousands of sets out in the first year or so, in 1874.

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Lawn Tennis became fascinated by the game of tennis after watching British army officers play.

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Lawn Tennis laid out a tennis court at the Staten Island Cricket Club at Camp Washington, Tompkinsville, Staten Island, New York.

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Lawn Tennis became popular in France, where the French Championships date to 1891, although until 1925 they were open only to tennis players who were members of French clubs.

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Lawn Tennis balls were originally made of cloth strips stitched together with thread and stuffed with feathers.

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Lawn Tennis balls were traditionally manufactured in the United States and Europe.

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Lawn Tennis is unusual in that it is played on a variety of surfaces.

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The Dubai Lawn Tennis Championships offer the largest financial incentive to players, with total prize money of US$2,313,975.

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Lawn Tennis had the most natural tennis mind with the most natural tennis physique.

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In March 2012 the Lawn Tennis Channel published a combined list of the 100 greatest men and women tennis players of all time.

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Lawn Tennis magazine selected Martina Navratilova as the greatest female tennis player for the years 1965 through 2005.

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In May 2020, the Lawn Tennis Channel ranked Williams as the greatest female tennis player of all time.

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The US Open, Miami Masters, US Open Series, and World Team Lawn Tennis started using this challenge system in 2006 and the Australian Open and Wimbledon introduced the system in 2007.

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