78 Facts About Lee Grant

1. Lee Grant wrote to the Woman In Love singer when he was 14, offering her a holiday at his "very beautiful" home in Swaziland so she can "rest and not be mobbed in the street".

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2. Lee Grant is no stranger to embracing being star struck and recently broke down in tears after Barbara Streisand replied to a letter he penned 47 years ago.

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3. Lee Grant appeared to spend the majority of the annual luncheon at the Beverley Hilton in Los Angles fangirling over his fellow nominees including Lady Gaga, Rami Malek, Rachel Weisz and Spike Lee.

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4. Lee Grant said there are currently more than 65 tax abatements out in the county.

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5. Lee Grant is cannibalising his own turn in Withnail and I, aided and abetted by the film-makers.

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6. Lee Grant is nominated for best supporting actor for his Jack Hock in Marielle Heller's 1990s New York drama.

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7. Lee Grant has become a lightning rod for attacks against both the society of the antebellum South and the oppressive circumstances faced by many African Americans in the years since the end of the Civil War.

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8. Lee Grant went on to win numerous battles against far superior Union armies, which included Second Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Chancellorsville.

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9. Lee Grant used aggressive tactics and bold field maneuvers while confronting McClellan in the Seven Days' Battles.

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10. Lee Grant prayed for two days after which he resigned from the US army and accepted command of Virginia's forces.

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11. Lee Grant fought with distinction at battles such as Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo (April 1847), and Chapultepec (September 1847).

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12. Lee Grant was briefly in the United States army at the Civil War's start.

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13. Lee Grant will come in Nickel, Black and Blue, with each edition limited to just 50 pieces and a price tag of 22,200 Swiss Francs.

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14. Lee Grant was born on Lyova Haskell Rosenthal; October 31, during the mid-1920s and is an American actress and film director.

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15. Lee Grant began selling short magazine articles about his life and then negotiated a contract with a friend, famed novelist Mark Twain, to publish his memoirs.

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16. Lee Grant won the 1987 Academy Award for the documentary about Reagan-era economics "Down and Out in America.

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17. At the height of her career, Lee Grant began forgetting her lines—once on stage with Peter Falk in "The Prisoner of Second Avenue"—and took this as a sign to adapt.

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18. Lee Grant is less candid about her romantic encounters, admitting to a "swooning romance" with Burt Bacharach in 1963 that sounds anything but: "All he ever wanted to do was play the piano, watch basketball and the TV, and go to bed.

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19. In some ways, Lee Grant is the mirror image of Lee.

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20. Lee Grant served in the field, supervising Meade, who was still commander of the Army of the Potomac, but he had his eye on the entirety of the Union campaign.

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21. Lee Grant was determined to destroy Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, whatever the cost in lives and materials.

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22. In the spring of 1864, Lee Grant arrived in Virginia to test himself against the man who would become his greatest antagonist.

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23. Lee Grant would soon be compelled to move to the eastern theater to confront Lee.

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24. In 1863, Lee Grant turned toward Vicksburg, Mississippi, a town vital to both the geographical unity of the Confederacy and the control of the Mississippi River.

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25. Lee Grant was awarded command of a regiment of Illinois volunteers in June 1861.

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26. Lee Grant wanted Thomas to move against the Rebel rifle pits at the base of the ridge, but Thomas resisted.

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27. Lee Grant wanted to resign, but Sherman and Rawlins persuaded him to stay on.

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28. Lee Grant was right, but that costly victory cast a cloud over him that lingered until the fall of Vicksburg.

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29. Lee Grant had chosen Rawlins because of his sharp mind, sound judgment and blunt talk.

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30. Lee Grant was not so nonchalant about his own men being held by the enemy.

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31. In the military world of rank and privilege, Lee Grant was cognizant of both.

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32. Lee Grant was a thoroughly practical man, and this was a practical albeit unorthodox solution.

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33. Lee Grant had come to negotiate a surrender, not to feed the multitudes.

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34. Lee Grant made several errors of omission while feeling his way through his first surrender.

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35. Lee Grant could easily have placed him under arrest and held him for court-martial, which was what many Northerners advocated for former US Army officers who had resigned their commissions.

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36. Lee Grant arrived at Dover Tavern an hour and a half after Wallace to find the two generals enjoying a traditional Southern breakfast of coffee and cornbread.

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37. Lee Grant ordered an immediate counterattack and then went looking for his old mentor.

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38. Lee Grant turned to writing articles for Century magazine about his Civil War experiences.

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39. Lee Grant made her feature debut with "Tell Me a Riddle", an earnest, well-acted story of an elderly couple facing death.

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40. In 1965, Lee Grant joined the cast of the primetime soap "Peyton Place" as Stella Chernak and picked up an Emmy for her work.

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41. Lee Grant was in charge of Indian campaigns on the Western frontier.

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42. Lee Grant was able to oust the French out of Mexico as commanding general under Johnson and able to thwart a Fenian Brotherhood attempted take over of Canada.

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43. Lee Grant often disagreed with President Andrew Johnson's conservative approach during the Reconstruction Era of the United States.

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44. Lee Grant continued to apply months of relentless military pressure at Petersburg on the Army of Northern Virginia until Lee was forced to evacuate Richmond in April 1865.

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45. In March 1865, Lee Grant invited Lincoln to visit his headquarters at City Point, Virginia.

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46. Lee Grant continued for months to stretch the Petersburg siege line westward to capture vital railroad lines that supplied Richmond, stretching Lee's defensive works thin.

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47. Lee Grant established his new headquarters at City Point for the rest of the Civil War.

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48. The first battle between Lee and Lee Grant took place after the Army of the Potomac crossed Rapidan River into an area of secondary growth trees and shrubs known as the Wilderness.

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49. Lee Grant would command all the Union army forces while in the field with Meade and the Army of the Potomac.

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50. On November 13, 1862, Lee Grant placed Chaplain John Eaton of the 27th Ohio Infantry in charge of the refugees.

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51. Lee Grant asked three times to be relieved from duty under Halleck.

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52. Lee Grant helped recruit a company of volunteers in Galena and accompanied it to Springfield, the state capital, where untrained units were assembling in great confusion.

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53. Lee Grant became famous around the nation after capturing Fort Donelson in February 1862 and was promoted to Major General by President Abraham Lincoln.

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54. Lee Grant trained Union military recruits and was promoted to Colonel in June 1861.

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55. Lee Grant was a keen observer of the war and learned battle strategies serving under Generals Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott.

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56. Lee Grant began his military career as a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1839.

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57. Lee Grant tried to annex the Dominican Republic to the US The president wanted the Dominican Republic in the Union for several reasons: as a military base, as a sanctuary for freed slaves, and as a market for US goods.

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58. Lee Grant is a celebrated American stage, film and television actress, and film director.

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59. Lee Grant asked Lee to meet with President Lincoln in Washington to assist in restoring peace, but Lee politely declined.

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60. Lee Grant asked if he thought 25,000 rations would be sufficient.

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61. Lee Grant had to earn his military place in the Civil War.

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62. Lee Grant said his grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War at Bunker Hill.

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63. Lee Grant was not the only Ohio-native whom Trump deployed as a foil in his interventions on sensitive cultural issues.

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64. Lee Grant abandoned his wounded at Belmont held by his command to be released and henceforth treated as noncombatants.

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65. Lee Grant was one of the most peaceful and gentle people I have ever known.

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66. Lee Grant was a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and.

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67. In the early 2000s, Lee Grant directed a series of Intimate Portrait episodes for Lifetime Television, that celebrated a diverse range of accomplished women.

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68. In 1992, Lee Grant played Dora Cohn, the mother of Roy Cohn in the biographical made-for-TV film Citizen Cohn, which garnered her yet another Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

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69. For her direction, Lee Grant became the first female director to win the Directors Guild of America Award.

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70. In 1980, Lee Grant directed her first film, Tell Me a Riddle, a story about an aging Jewish couple.

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71. Lee Grant successfully moved into directing when she directed the stage play, The Stronger, in 1976, written by August Strindberg.

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72. In 1967, Lee Grant appeared in an episode of Mission Impossible, portraying the wife of a US diplomat who goes undercover to discredit a rogue diplomat.

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73. Lee Grant appeared in a limited number of stage and television shows during these years.

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74. Lee Grant established herself as a dramatic method actress on and off Broadway, earning praise for her role as a shoplifter in Detective Story in 1949.

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75. As an actress, Lee Grant had her professional stage debut as understudy in Oklahoma in 1944.

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76. Lee Grant had her first stage ballet performance in 1933 at the Metropolitan Opera House.

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77. Lee Grant was born Lyova Haskell Rosenthal in Manhattan, the only child of Witia, an actress and teacher, and Abraham W Rosenthal, a realtor and educator.

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78. Lee Grant is an American actress and film director.

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