11 Facts About Legend Holdings


Legend Holdings Corporation is a Chinese investment holding company with interests in finance, real estate, and information technology, and the controlling shareholder of its better-known associate company, the Lenovo Group.

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Legend Holdings is applying the original design manufacture business model common in the technology industry in order to work effectively with small family farms and agricultural cooperatives.

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In 2014 Legend Holdings invested 1 billion yuan in iByer Dental, a twenty-year-old chain of dental clinics, “to help iBYER Dental to join premium dental brands in the country.

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Legend Holdings's move into healthcare was facilitated by recently implemented healthcare reform legislation designed to encourage private investment.

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Legend Holdings said it expects healthcare spending in China to triple to US$1 trillion by 2020 due to an aging population, an increase in non-communicable diseases acquired through lifestyle, and an increased interest in health due to higher incomes.

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Since then, Legend Holdings Star has become a full-stack early stage investment firm focusing on the commercialization of technology, with roughly 200 portfolio companies spread across a range of sectors.

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Legend Holdings Star operates a training program for entrepreneurs and has graduated around 600 alumni in its 7 years of operation.

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Legend Holdings provided Hony, a pioneer in China's private equity industry, with its start-up capital.

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In 2014, Legend Holdings expanded into peer-to-peer lending and other forms of finance.

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The next month Legend Holdings invested in Eloancn, China's first peer-to-peer lending platform.

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Legend Holdings Capital is a venture capital firm headquartered in Beijing.

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