25 Facts About Lewis Pugh

1. Lewis Pugh is best known for undertaking the first swim across the North Pole in 2007 with the aim of highlighting the melting of the Arctic sea ice.

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2. Lewis Pugh was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2010 and the United Nations appointed him as the first UN Patron of the Oceans in 2013.

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3. In 2016 Lewis Pugh played a pivotal role in creating the largest marine reserve in the world in the Ross Sea off Antarctica.

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4. Lewis Pugh was born in Plymouth, England on 5 December 1969.

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5. Lewis Pugh was educated at Mount Kelly School in Tavistock.

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6. Lewis Pugh went on to read politics and law at the University of Cape Town and graduated at the top of his Masters class.

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7. Lewis Pugh was the first person to swim across an African Great Lake, namely Lake Malawi.

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8. Lewis Pugh became the first person to swim around the infamous North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe.

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9. In November 2017, Lewis Pugh became be the first person to swim in the Antarctic waters around South Georgia Island.

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10. Lewis Pugh coined the phrase "anticipatory thermo-genesis".

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11. In 2006 Lewis Pugh challenged Russia's top cold water swimmers to a 500-metre race at the World Winter Swimming Championships in Finland.

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12. In 2006 Lewis Pugh achieved the "Holy Grail" of swimming by becoming the first person to complete a long-distance swim in all five oceans of the world.

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13. Lewis Pugh undertook the swim to draw attention to the severe drought in England and the dangers of global warming.

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14. In February 2007 Lewis Pugh became the first person to swim across the width of the Maldives.

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15. In July 2007 Lewis Pugh undertook the first long-distance swim across the Geographic North Pole.

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16. Lewis Pugh was greeted on landing at Shakespeare Beach by UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who described him as a "modern day hero" and a "brilliant champion for marine conservation zones.

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17. Lewis Pugh gave the keynote addresses at Coca-Cola's 125th anniversary in 2011, Lloyd's Agency Network's 200th anniversary in 2011, and Swiss Re's 150th anniversary in 2013.

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18. In 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Lewis Pugh took the evidence of witnesses from across Africa on the effects of climate change at the Pan-African Climate and Poverty Hearings.

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19. In 2008 Lewis Pugh founded the Polar Defense Project to campaign for greater protection for the Arctic and a resolution of the maritime boundary disputes.

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20. Lewis Pugh was outspoken on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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21. Lewis Pugh opposes fracking for gas in the Karoo region of South Africa.

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22. In 2018 Lewis Pugh was listed as the 3rd most influential person in the world discussing how to tackle plastic pollution on social media.

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23. In 2009 Lewis Pugh starred in Robson Green's Wild Swimming Adventure where he trained the English actor to swim across the icy waters of Llyn Llydaw, a lake on Snowdon in Wales.

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24. Lewis Pugh prepared me psychologically for something that was way outside my comfort zone.

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25. In 2013 Lewis Pugh wrote a second book entitled "21 Yaks and a Speedo".

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