35 Facts About Sanjay Gupta


Sanjay Gupta was born on October 23,1969 and is an American neurosurgeon, medical reporter, and writer.


Sanjay Gupta serves as associate chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, associate professor of neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine, member of the National Academy of Medicine and American Academy of Arts and Sciences and is the chief medical correspondent for CNN.


Sanjay Gupta published a column in Time magazine and has written four books: Chasing Life, Cheating Death, Monday Mornings: A Novel, and Keep Sharp.


Sanjay Gupta was born in Novi, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.


Sanjay Gupta's mother was born in the village of Tharushah in Sindh, but at age 5 fled to India as a Hindu refugee during the Partition of India.


Sanjay Gupta was part of Interflex, a since discontinued accelerated medical education program that accepted medical students directly from high school.


Sanjay Gupta served as president of the Indian American Students Association, which is the second-largest student organization at the university.


Sanjay Gupta completed his residency in neurological surgery within the University of Michigan Health System, in 2000, followed by a fellowship at the Semmes Murphy Clinic, in Memphis, Tennessee.


Sanjay Gupta plays the accordion, having taken ten years of lessons, as he noted in an interview with David Hochman for Playboy.


Sanjay Gupta has published medical journal articles on percutaneous pedicle screw placement, brain tumors, and spinal cord abnormalities.


In January 2009, it was reported that Sanjay Gupta was offered the position of Surgeon General of the United States in the Obama Administration, but he withdrew his name from consideration.


Ford later wrote that Sanjay Gupta "proved to be a competent neurosurgeon".


Sanjay Gupta reported from New York following the attacks on the US on September 11,2001.


In 2003, Sanjay Gupta traveled to Iraq to cover the medical aspects of the invasion of Iraq.


Sanjay Gupta was embedded with a Navy medical unit at the time, specifically a group of Corpsman called the "Devil Docs", who supported the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force.


On October 14,2007, Sanjay Gupta guest-hosted a health episode of CBS News Sunday Morning as its regular host Charles Osgood was on vacation.


In February 2009, Sanjay Gupta hosted AC360 covering the White House Health Summit.


Sanjay Gupta guest hosted Larry King Live in October 2009.


Sanjay Gupta has regularly appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Real Time with Bill Maher and the Oprah Winfrey Show.


In 2011, Sanjay Gupta portrayed himself in the movie Contagion, which has received much renewed attention during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.


Sanjay Gupta was a co-producer of the 2017 CNN documentary Unseen Enemy, which warned of the risks of a global pandemic.


Sanjay Gupta served as a commentator on the University of Michigan TeamCast with former Wolverines kicker Jay Feely for the school's appearance in the 2018 NCAA Men's Final Four, which aired on CNN sibling TNT.


On January 6,2009, CNN announced that Sanjay Gupta had been considered for the position of Surgeon General by President-elect Barack Obama.


Conyers supported a single-payer health care system; Sanjay Gupta has criticized Michael Moore and his film Sicko.


Lieberman criticized Sanjay Gupta for relying on insurance industry statistics, and a health expert quoted by Lieberman said that Sanjay Gupta's reporting "gives a gross oversimplification".


Moore said that Sanjay Gupta's report was inaccurate and biased, and Moore later posted a detailed response on his website.


On July 10,2007, Sanjay Gupta debated Moore on Larry King Live; on July 15, CNN released a statement in response to Michael Moore's rebuttal.


CNN defended the rest of Sanjay Gupta's report responding point-by-point to Moore's response, contending that comparison of data from different sources in different years was in effect cherry picking results, at the cost of statistical accuracy.


Sanjay Gupta gave the commencement address at the spring commencement ceremony held in the University of Michigan Stadium.


On May 23,2019, Sanjay Gupta presented the commencement address to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine class of 2019.


In October 2019, Sanjay Gupta was elected to the National Academy of Medicine, to join its 2019 class consisting of 100 members, one of the highest honors in medicine.


Sanjay Gupta was elected as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2021.


On October 6,2022, Sanjay Gupta was honored with the Fitzwater Medallion for Leadership in Public Communication by Franklin Pierce University.


Sanjay Gupta is married to Rebecca Olson, a family law attorney.


Sanjay Gupta wrote a book called World War C: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic and How to Prepare for the Next One about the COVID-19 pandemic.