34 Facts About Light Yagami


Light Yagami is the main protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

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Light Yagami is portrayed as a brilliant but bored genius who finds the Death Note, an otherworldly supernatural notebook that allows the user to kill anyone by knowing their name and face, after it is dropped by the Shinigami Ryuk.

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Kaneko changed the story involving Light Yagami gaining his first notebook as he felt that the audience "would have a hard time sympathizing" with Light Yagami if the scene remained the same as it was in the manga.

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The original version of Light Yagami's room included a stereo; Kaneko replaced it with a vacuum cleaner to reflect Light Yagami's "clean-freak self".

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Light Yagami is portrayed as a teen genius and a model student with a polite, reserved, and gentleman-like personality, who is well-liked and popular among his peers and teachers and is known for being the class topper.

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At the beginning of the story, Light Yagami is a student in his last year of high school; he later attends To-Oh University.

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Light Yagami initially becomes horrified at the Death Note's abilities after he tests the notebook on two criminals out of curiosity, but he eventually convinces himself that the criminal's resulting deaths were justified, thinking he would bring crime rates down around the world.

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Light Yagami soon becomes driven to lead a personal crusade to rid the world of crime by using the notebook.

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Light Yagami's ethics are utilitarian, justifying the most extreme acts in service of his cause.

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Light Yagami is driven by a need for victory, which motivates most of his cruelest acts.

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Over four years later, Light Yagami is able to garner most of the world's support, reaching the point where his followers have begun to worship Kira as a literal deity.

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At the film's beginning, Light Yagami is a first-year law student at a university, instead of still being in high school as in the beginning of the manga and anime.

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Also, Light Yagami discovers the Death Note in an alley during a rainy night after encountering an acquitted felon named Takuo Shibuimaru in a night-club.

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Light Yagami tries to write on a hidden piece of Death Note, but is shot by Matsuda, an investigation team member.

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Light Yagami tells Ryuk to write the team's names, promising to show him many interesting things, and begins to laugh.

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Light Yagami stops when Ryuk shows him that he had written just one name: Light's.

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Light Yagami tries to stop Ryuk, but merely passes right through him.

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Light Yagami dies in his father's arms, begging him to believe that he acted as Kira to put the justice, which Soichiro had taught him since his childhood, into practice.

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Light Yagami has a close yet somewhat strained relationship with his father and while considered academically gifted by peers and authorities, is not a popular student and is considered as a social outsider and lacks friends.

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Similar to the Netflix adaptation, Light Yagami is portrayed as less charismatic, insecure and is initially hesitant to kill law enforcement.

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When Light Yagami refuses to relent, he is baited into confessing after L and Soichiro both sacrifice their lives.

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Light Yagami appears alongside Ryuk as a non-playable story character for the crossover video game Jump Force, with Mamoru Miyano reprising his role as Light Yagami.

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Ohba said that if Ryuk never developed an interest in the human world, Light Yagami would have become "one of the greatest police leaders in the world" who, with L, worked against criminals.

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Light Yagami added that he believed that debating whether Light's actions were good or evil is not "very important".

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Obata said that Light Yagami was his second favorite human character and that he was not sure whether that was because he "liked" Light Yagami or because he drew "such a diabolical character" in a magazine for children.

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Light Yagami is only stopped from killing her by the shinigami Rem, who threatens to kill him if she dies earlier than her life span's end or if he tries to kill her, despite her knowledge that doing so will cause her own death.

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Nevertheless, Ohba states that Light Yagami never lost his love for his family since he viewed them as righteous people.

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Tom S Pepirium of IGN said that he felt surprised when he learned that some viewers, while watching the series, wanted Light to emerge as the victor of the storyline; Pepirium added that his wife said that she was "kinda rooting for Light".

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Light Yagami was listed 18th in IGN's 2009 best anime character of all-time list with writer Chris Mackenzie praising how Light Yagami is "mesmerizing".

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In 2014, he was placed seventh on IGN's list of greatest anime characters of all-time, with the cite stating that "Light Yagami was the force that drove Death Note and made it a phenomenon".

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Light Yagami is frequently cited as being an anti-hero and sometimes a villain protagonist.

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Manga artist Katsura Hoshino, a former assistant of Takeshi Obata, has said that she likes the way the Light Yagami is often drawn as he gives the appeal of a cool villain.

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Tatsuya Fujiwara, the actor who portrayed Light Yagami in the films, said that he "could understand" Light Yagami's intentions to create a new world even though "murder is a horrible thing".

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Matsuyama describes L and Light Yagami as having "such unique characters that they're impossible to understand".

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