14 Facts About Locarno


Locarno is a southern Swiss town and municipality in the district Locarno, located on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore at its northeastern tip in the canton of Ticino at the southern foot of the Swiss Alps.

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Town of Locarno is located on the northeastern part of the river Maggia's delta; across the river lies the town of Ascona on the southwestern part of the delta.

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Locarno is the 74th largest city in Switzerland by population and the third largest in the Ticino canton, after Lugano and Bellinzona.

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The Roman city that became Locarno was therefore between the vicus of Muralto and this cemetery.

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The extensive Romanization of Locarno wiped out much of the local culture and replaced it with ancient Roman elements.

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Several Locarno families, including members of the Capitanei di Locarno and Simone da Orello, played an important role in the battles between the two factions.

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Locarno had several noble estates during the Late Middle Ages, including the so-called Cittadella.

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The citizens of Locarno had the right to appoint priests at S Antonio Abate, S Maria in Selva and SS Trinita dei Monti .

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All three ruling groups of Locarno agreed to convert the church and monastery into the Hospital S Carlo.

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In 1550, Locarno declared itself to be a Catholic town, but a large group continued to practice the Protestant faith.

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Nevertheless, a "committee of the representatives of the former communities of Locarno" managed, for several decades, the S Carlo Hospital and schools, which had been shared by the patriziati of the old, combined community.

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The entire city of Locarno is listed on the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

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Locarno has a number of interesting sights that draw tourists year-round.

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Locarno is served by Locarno Airport, a mixed civilian and military airport.

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