34 Facts About Lonzo Ball

1. Lonzo Ball was born and raised in the metropolitan area in Anaheim, Los Angeles.

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2. Lonzo Ball went through shootaround Saturday morning and will be a game-time call for the night's matchup with Sacramento, Mike Trudell of Lakers.

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3. Lonzo Ball misses badly on a short floater, jumper and 3-pointer.

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4. Lonzo Ball dishes it to JaVale McGee twice early in the 1st quarter for a pair of one-handed slams vs the Hawks.

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5. Lonzo Ball sends a long lob up to JaVale McGee who finishes at the rim.

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6. Lonzo Ball was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers with the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

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7. LeBron James and Lonzo Ball are slowly building that chemistry with each other and bringing back showtime for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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8. Lonzo Ball had his first scoreless game of the season on Saturday against.

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9. Lonzo Ball improves on Saturday's stinker by scoring two points on Sunday.

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10. On Saturday against the Orlando Magic, Lonzo Ball showed off his entire defensive package on one possession.

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11. Lonzo Ball is not currently top-end talent, but he has the potential to be.

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12. At the end of the day, Lonzo Ball has been both frustrating and tantalizing at times.

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13. Lonzo Ball starts passing the ball to a cutting Kyle Kuzma before Kuz even leaves from his spot in the corner.

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14. On this play, Lonzo Ball slips the ball into a charging James' hands without looking.

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15. Lonzo Ball has scored just two points on 11 field goal attempts over the Lakers' last two games.

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16. Lonzo Ball already has a bit of an injury history, missing 30 games last season.

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17. Lonzo Ball currently has a better 3-point percentage than Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

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18. Lonzo Ball is playing eight fewer minutes per game this season partly because of Rondo's presence and the fact that James is taking on much of the ball-handling burden.

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19. Lonzo Ball continues to adjust to his new role in Lakers' offense.

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20. Lonzo Ball was drafted No 2 overall last year with the hope he would become the face of basketball in Los Angeles for the next decade.

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21. Lonzo Ball fared well in three games last month when Rondo was suspended for his role in the brawl against the Houston Rockets.

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22. Lonzo Ball says he likes it when Rajon Rondo trash talks him.

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23. Lonzo Ball says Lakers lacked fire against Magic, admits he didn't play well.

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24. Lonzo Ball starts for Lakers after Rajon Rondo returns from suspension.

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25. Lonzo Ball is currently in a relationship with Denise Garcia, whom he met in high school.

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26. On December 20, 2017, Lonzo Ball was announced as the logo for the Junior Basketball Association, a league his father LaVar plans to establish for high-school basketball players who have finished high school but want an alternative option to the NCAA.

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27. Lonzo Ball began shooting in games from 40 feet deep since he was a pre-teen.

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28. Lonzo Ball was selected to play in the Rising Stars Challenge during NBA All-Star Weekend, but withdrew because of the injury.

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29. Lonzo Ball missed the team's Christmas game after spraining his left shoulder in the previous contest against the Portland Trail Blazers.

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30. On June 22, 2017, Lonzo Ball was selected with the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Lakers.

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31. Lonzo Ball was the only freshman to be a finalist for the Wooden Award, Naismith College Player of the Year, and Oscar Robertson Trophy.

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32. Lonzo Ball had 10 points, eight assists, and four turnovers in the loss, while Wildcats point guard De'Aaron Fox scored 39 points for an NCAA tournament freshman record.

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33. Lonzo Ball had 15 points and three assists to surpass Larry Drew II's school record for most assists in a season.

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34. Lonzo Ball was rated as a consensus five-star recruit by major scouting services.

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