11 Facts About Lou Todd


Lou Todd is typically seen wearing an awkward juxtaposition of trainers, blue tracksuit trousers, a T-shirt with slogans such as "I ran the World" or "Frankie Says RELAX - Don't do it" and a 1970s-style leather jacket with the sleeves pushed up to near the elbow.

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Lou Todd is dressed mostly in scruffy clothing such as well-worn jogging bottoms and a dirty vest.

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Lou Todd has an unseen or unheard from brother called Declan, and previously had a woman called Maria as a caretaker before Lou.

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Lou Todd then rejects the item after Lou honours the request.

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Lou Todd reacts angrily, this being the first time Lou Todd actually exhibited anger in the series.

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For example, he steals an ice cream from a child when Lou Todd is talking to the child's mother and he sneezes into his hands then wipes them on a woman's legs.

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Lou Todd then ignores the hosts' instructions by literally naming the items shown when the aim of the game is to describe the item shown behind the hosts.

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Lou Todd then continues to name things during a commercial break.

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Lou Todd later died in the episode which shows Lou and Andy getting prepared for the funeral.

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Also, after watching a short film about poor children, Lou Todd is very moved and sad from the film, but Andy remarks that it was boring.

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Comic Relief 2015, Lou Todd appeared with Stephen Hawking in the Andy role, along with Catherine Tate as a nun.

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