27 Facts About Lukas Podolski

1. Lukas Podolski owns an ice cream parlour and a kebab shop in Cologne.

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2. Lukas Podolski is a fan of KS Gornik Zabrze, a football team based 10km from his place of birth.

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3. Lukas Podolski speaks Polish and sometimes communicated with Bayern Munich and Germany strike partner Miroslav Klose, a Polish-born Aussiedler, in Polish to hinder their opposition's understanding of their conversation.

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4. At that point, Lukas Podolski arrived at the decision, but nevertheless "there are two hearts beating" in his chest.

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5. Lukas Podolski is a penalty specialist, having missed only two penalties in his career.

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6. Lukas Podolski usually cuts inside either to shoot or pass the ball.

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7. Arsene Wenger described Lukas Podolski saying "He's certainly one of the best finishers I've ever seen.

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8. Lukas Podolski was given his last ever international appearance for Germany against England on 22 March 2017 where he scored the winning goal.

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9. Lukas Podolski made a substitute appearance against Slovakia during the tournament.

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10. Lukas Podolski finished the qualification campaign second highest scorer of Group 4 with six goals, behind teammate Miroslav Klose's 7.

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11. Lukas Podolski was named in the 23-man squad as one of the players of the tournament along with countrymen Michael Ballack and Philipp Lahm.

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12. On 8 June 2008, Lukas Podolski made his Euro 2008 entrance against debutants Poland in a Group B match in Klagenfurt, Austria.

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13. Lukas Podolski was the third after Gerd Muller and Michael Ballack, and since this, Mario Gomez has accomplished this feat.

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14. Lukas Podolski was selected in the Germany squad for the 2006 World Cup, where he partnered Miroslav Klose as the attack duo in the starting lineup.

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15. Lukas Podolski made one substitute appearance in the game against the Czech Republic, when he came on for Torsten Frings at half-time.

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16. Lukas Podolski played for Germany at Euro 2004, where he was the squad's youngest player.

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17. On 2 March 2017, Lukas Podolski announced his transfer to Japanese club Vissel Kobe after the completion of the Turkish season.

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18. Lukas Podolski was not named in Inter's squad list for the knockout stages of the UEFA Europa League with coach Roberto Mancini preferring Xherdan Shaqiri over the German international.

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19. Lukas Podolski was substituted for Aaron Ramsey to a standing ovation.

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20. Lukas Podolski was linked with Premier League club Arsenal throughout the 2012 winter transfer window but no deal materialised.

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21. Lukas Podolski returned from this injury and scored against Alemannia Aachen.

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22. In 2003, at the age of 18, Lukas Podolski was still part of the club's youth side.

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23. Lukas Podolski began playing football at the age of six in the youth team of FC 07 Bergheim, where he played until he joined 1.

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24. Lukas Podolski retired from international football on 22 March 2017 after scoring the winner in a friendly against England.

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25. Lukas Podolski is the third most-capped player in German history, with 130 caps, and the third-highest goalscorer in German history, having scored 49 times.

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26. Lukas Podolski enjoyed great success with the German national team, ultimately becoming a national hero.

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27. Lukas Podolski originally wanted to play for the Polish team but was rejected by then Polish coach Paweł Janas in 2003.

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