18 Facts About Mahanati


Mahanati received critical acclaim, with praise for Keerthy's performance and Ashwin's screenplay and direction.

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Mahanati was screened at the International Film Festival of India, the Shanghai International Film Festival, and the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.

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Mahanati sneaks into Savitri's house and overhears her aunt talking about her childhood.

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Mahanati tries to have Savitri join the film industry based in Madras but her young age and inability to speak Tamil hinder her prospects.

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Mahanati starts consuming alcohol and when Savitri tries to stop him, he shares the drink with her.

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Mahanati gets her daughter married, stops drinking, and loses weight.

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Mahanati interrupts what is supposedly Anthony's engagement and speaks strongly without a stutter, only to realize that is his sister's engagement and that Anthony too loves her.

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Mahanati spent six months researching the actress by reading articles and books, in addition to meeting old journalists and actors associated with her.

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The full album of Mahanati was released on 1 May 2018 at a launch event, featuring the entire cast and crew.

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Mahanati was initially slated to release worldwide on 29 March 2018.

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Overseas distribution rights of Mahanati were acquired by Nirvana Cinemas, reportedly at an amount of million.

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Mahanati was pirated on torrent websites which affected its box office collections.

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The television broadcast rights of Mahanati were acquired by Star Maa; its premiere on television registered a target rating point rating of 20.

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Mahanati became the highest-grossing South Indian film that starred a woman as the primary character, surpassing Anushka Shetty's Rudramadevi.

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Mahanati called Salmaan, Keerthy, Akkineni, and the costume designers as the four best things to happened to the film.

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Mahanati takes the audience on an emotional journey along with the actress.

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At the 66th National Film Awards, Mahanati won three awards, Best Feature Film in Telugu, Best Actress and Best Costume Design.

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Mahanati was selected in the Indian Panorama section at the 49th International Film Festival of India and was screened at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

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