20 Facts About Makar Ignatov


Makar Denisovich Ignatov is a Russian figure skater.


Makar Ignatov is the 2019 CS Nebelhorn Trophy champion, 2019 Rostelecom Cup bronze medalist, 2016 Cup of Nice bronze medalist and 2021 Russian national silver medalist.


In September 2022, Ignatov received a summons to appear at the military commissariat for a potential call-up to serve in the Russian Army during the 2022 Russian mobilization.


Makar Ignatov missed two seasons due to knee problems and returned to competition in 2016.


Makar Ignatov finished fourth at the 2017 Russian Junior Championships after placing fifth in the short program and 3rd in the free skate.


Makar Ignatov received the bronze medal at his second JGP assignment in Zagreb, Croatia.


In October 2017, Makar Ignatov competed in his first ISU Challenger Series event, the 2017 CS Minsk-Arena Ice Star, where he placed fifth.

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In late September, Makar Ignatov won gold at the 2019 CS Nebelhorn Trophy after placing seventh in the short program and first in the free skate.


Makar Ignatov made his Grand Prix debut at the 2019 Rostelecom Cup, winning the bronze medal.


At the 2020 Russian Championships, Makar Ignatov won the short program, making only a slight error on his quad toe loop and receiving low marks on his spins.


Makar Ignatov debuted his programs at the Russian senior test skates, including the new quad loop.


Makar Ignatov was assigned to the 2020 Rostelecom Cup, placing fourth in the short program and landing a clean quad loop but underrotating part of his jump combination.


Makar Ignatov landed three quads in the free skate, including another loop, but dropped to seventh place overall.


Makar Ignatov struggled with some jump landings in the free skate, placing third in that segment behind Kolyada and Mark Kondratiuk, but remained in the silver medal position overall.


Makar Ignatov was selected for the Red Machine team captained by Alina Zagitova.


Makar Ignatov placed second in the short program and third in the free skate, and the Red Machine team claimed the trophy.


Makar Ignatov began the season on the Grand Prix at the 2021 Skate Canada International, where he finished fourth.


Makar Ignatov finished fourth as well at this second event, 2021 NHK Trophy.


At the 2022 Russian Championships, Makar Ignatov finished in tenth place.


Makar Ignatov placed third in the short program but skated a strong free program and went to win first place.