18 Facts About Mandalay


Mandalay was founded in 1857 by King Mindon, replacing Amarapura as the new royal capital of the Konbaung dynasty.

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Under British rule, Mandalay remained commercially and culturally important despite the rise of Yangon, the new capital of British Burma.

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In 1948, Mandalay became part of the newly independent Union of Burma.

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Mandalay ceased to be the capital on 28 November 1885 when the British conquered the city, looted the Pitakataik and sent Thibaw Min and his queen Supayalat into exile, ending the Third Anglo-Burmese War.

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In November 1959, Mandalay celebrated its centennial with a festival at the foot of Mandalay Hill.

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In October 2018, Mandalay was ranked by CIO Asia as number fifth among the top 10 cities in Southeast Asia in the process of becoming a smart city for ASEAN Smart Cities Network.

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Mandalay is located in the central dry zone of Burma by the Irrawaddy river at 21.

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Bodies of water near Mandalay are Mandalay Kantawgyi, a small lake and Irrawaddy River to the west of the city.

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At the foot of Mandalay Hill sits the world's official "Buddhist Bible", known as the world's largest book, in Kuthodaw Pagoda.

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Mandalay's sporting facilities are quite poor by international standards but are still the best in Upper Burma.

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At Waterfall Hill, the first bolted rock climbing site in Myanmar have been developed with the help of Mandalay climbers led by Steve, Tylor and Technical Climbing Club of Myanmar since 2010.

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Mandalay is the major trading and communications center for northern and central Burma.

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Mandalay has the best educational facilities and institutions, after Yangon, in Burma where state spending on education is among the lowest in the world.

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Many wealthy Mandalay parents enroll their children in the city's English language private schools for primary and secondary education and Chinese and Singaporean universities for university education.

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Rest of the students who cannot afford to go abroad for studies, Mandalay offers Upper Burma's best institutions of higher education.

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Nonetheless Mandalay remains the main health care center for Upper Burma as almost all of large public hospitals and private hospitals are in Mandalay.

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Bithia Mary Croker wrote a novel in 1917, The Road to Mandalay, which was the uncredited basis for a 1926 American silent film.

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Mandalay wrote a number of short non-fiction essays and short stories about Burma, such as "A Hanging" and "Shooting an Elephant" .

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