11 Facts About Konbaung dynasty


An expansionist dynasty, the Konbaung kings waged campaigns against Manipur, Arakan, Assam, the Mon kingdom of Pegu, the Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya, and the Qing dynasty of China – thus establishing the.

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Konbaung dynasty continued his father's expansionist policy and finally took Ayutthaya in 1767, after seven years of fighting.

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The Qing Konbaung dynasty then opened up its markets and restored trading with Burma in 1788 after reconciliation.

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Konbaung dynasty tried to maintain its independence by balancing between the French and the British.

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Konbaung dynasty died before he could name a successor, and Thibaw, a lesser prince, was manoeuvred onto the throne by Hsinbyumashin, one of Mindon's queens, together with her daughter, Supayalat.

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The Konbaung dynasty rulers enacted harsh levies and had a difficult time fighting internal rebellions.

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Royal court life in the Konbaung dynasty consisted of both codified rituals and ceremonies and those that were innovated with the progression of the dynasty.

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Konbaung dynasty then entered the Sihasana pavilion to assume his seat at the coronation throne, crafted to resemble a blooming lotus flower, made of figwood and applied gold leaf.

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Konbaung dynasty monarchs followed ancient precedents and traditions to found the new royal city.

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Loosely modelled on the four Hindu varnas, Konbaung dynasty society was divided into four general social classes by descent:.

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Konbaung dynasty built many small fortified towns with major defences.

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