11 Facts About Manhattanville College


Manhattanville College is a private university in Purchase, New York.

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Architectural and administrative centerpiece of the Manhattanville College campus is Reid Hall which was named after Whitelaw Reid, publisher and owner of the New-York Tribune, one of the leading newspapers in the nation for a century.

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At that time, the village of Manhattanville College was still eight miles north of New York City, which clustered around the south end at the Battery of Manhattan Island.

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Manhattanville College was a microhistory of the societal transformation in the Catholic Church, higher education, and American society as a whole during the 1960s.

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Between 1966 and 1970, the Manhattanville College administration oversaw the gradual removal of Catholic symbols and traditions from the campus.

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Interviews with the Manhattanville College community led to the development of the Portfolio System, a personalized and guided self-assessment charting the development of each student.

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New Manhattanville College campus was completed in 1952 with six buildings: a renovated Reid Castle for use as an administration building, the library, the academic building, Brownson Hall; the music building Pius X Hall; Benziger Dining Hall, and Founders Dormitory.

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Manhattanville College offers the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees to undergraduate students and the Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Education, Master of Professional Studies, Master of Science, and Doctor of Education for graduate students.

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Castle Scholars Honors Program at Manhattanville College seeks to challenge high-achieving students and encourages them to explore new areas of interest beyond the usual intellectual parameters during their entire undergraduate career.

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In 2021, Manhattanville announced that it reached an agreement with Concordia College to acquire the school's Radiologic Technology program and the Rad Tech students from Concordia transferred to Manhattanville to complete their degrees.

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Manhattanville College was a charter member of the Skyline before leaving to join the MAC in 2007.

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