10 Facts About MapQuest


MapQuest is an American free online web mapping service.

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MapQuest Find Me let users automatically find their location, access maps and directions and locate nearby points of interest, including airports, hotels, restaurants, banks and ATMs.

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In July 2006, MapQuest created a beta version of a new feature with which users could build customized routes by adding additional stops, reordering stops along the way and avoiding any undesired turns or roads.

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In July 2010, MapQuest announced plans to become the first major mapping site to embrace open-source mapping data, launching a new site separate from its main site, entirely using data from the OpenStreetMap project.

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MapQuest introduced "My Maps" personalization, which enables the user to personalize the interface.

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On 11 July 2016, MapQuest discontinued its open tile API, and users such as GNOME Maps were switched to a temporarily free tier of the Mapbox tileserver, while considering alternatives.

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Currently, MapQuest uses some of TomTom's services for its mapping system.

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MapQuest provides some extent of street-level detail or driving directions for a variety of countries.

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MapQuest has several travel products and includes a feature to let users compare nearby gas prices, similar to the service offered by GasBuddy.

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In October 2006, MapQuest sold off its publishing division to concentrate on its online and mobile services.

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