10 Facts About Mardin


Mardin served as the capital of one of the two Artuqid branches during the 11th and 12th centuries.

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In 1451 the Kara Koyunlu besieged the castle of Mardin, damaging the city after their failed attempt to take the stronghold.

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Kurds and Arabs of Mardin typically refer to these events as "firman", while Syriacs call it "seyfo" (sword).

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In 1923, with the founding of the Republic of Turkey, Mardin was made the administrative capital of a province named after it.

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Mardin Airport is located to the southwest, 20 kilometres from the old town.

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Mardin has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with very hot, dry summers and chilly, wet, and occasionally snowy winters.

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Mardin is very sunny, with over 3000 hours of sun per year.

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Mardin province continues to produce agricultural products including sesame, barley, wheat, corn, cotton, and others.

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Mardin has often been considered an open-air museum due to its historical architecture.

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Houses in Mardin tend to have multiple levels and terraces to accommodate their sloping site, giving the old city its "stepped" appearance from afar.

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