21 Facts About Margaret Nagle


Margaret Nagle was born on January 12,1969 and is a screenwriter, television producer and human rights activist.


Margaret Nagle has been nominated for two Emmy Awards and won three Writers Guild of America Awards.


Margaret Nagle received her bachelor's degree at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.


Margaret Nagle received a 2011 Writer's Guild Award for her work on Boardwalk Empire.


Margaret Nagle received the 2014 Media Access Award from the Writers Guild of America for "doubling the number" of people on network TV with disabilities.


Margaret Nagle has been raising money for Humanitarian Aid for South Sudan by appearing at screenings of The Good Lie on behalf of Concern, UNICEF, RefugePoint and other organizations.


Margaret Nagle wrote the script for The Good Lie, released in 2014, a movie about the Lost Boys of Sudan, It premiered at 2014 Toronto Film Festival where it received the longest standing ovation in the history of the festival.

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Margaret Nagle received the prestigious 2015 Paul Selvin Award from the Writers Guild of America for The Good Lie.


Margaret Nagle was nominated for Best Original Screenplay of a Feature Film for THE GOOD LIE at the 2015 NAACP AWARDS.


Margaret Nagle received the 2015 Jonathan Daniels Award named for the slain civil rights worker who was working with MLK from the Monadnock International Film Festival celebrating the fusion of great artistic merit and social awareness.


Margaret Nagle's very first film script, Warm Springs about FDR's dealing with polio was a critical success for HBO.


Margaret Nagle won the 2007 WGA Award for Best Screenplay of a Movie Made for Television for Warm Springs and was nominated for the Pen Award for Best Screenplay of a Television Movie as well as the 2007 Humanitas Prize.


Margaret Nagle wrote two episodes for Season One of HBO's Boardwalk Empire: "Broadway Limited" and "Anastasia".


Margaret Nagle was a supervising producer on season one and season two of the show.


Margaret Nagle wrote a CBS 2009 television pilot, The Eastmans, a medical show centered around a complicated family of doctors.


Margaret Nagle wrote the 2014 pilot for American television of The Red Band Society for Fox with Amblin TV based on the Catalan TV series of the same name.


Margaret Nagle is currently writing a script for Maven Pictures about the life of Clementine Churchill.


Margaret Nagle is developing a series of Tom Wolfe's classic book, "Bonfire of the Vanities" with Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers TV.


Margaret Nagle, who has a brother with a brain injury from a car accident, is actively involved in furthering rights and visibility for people with disabilities and is on the board of United Cerebral Palsy of Southern California.


Margaret Nagle recently received the Media Access Award from the Writers Guild of America for through her work "doubling the number" of people on network TV with disabilities.


Margaret Nagle's acceptance speech at the 9 am award show was a highlight.