10 Facts About Margot Fonteyn

1. Out of money, Margot Fonteyn began to sell her jewellery to pay for her care and Nureyev anonymously helped to pay the bills.

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2. In 1979, Margot Fonteyn wrote The Magic of Dance which was aired on the BBC as a television series in which she starred and was published in book form.

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3. For her 60th birthday, Margot Fonteyn was feted by the Royal Ballet, dancing a duet with Ashton in his Salut d'amour and a tango from Ashton's Facade with her former partner Helpmann.

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4. On 21 February 1962 he and Margot Fonteyn performed together in Giselle to an enthusiastic capacity crowd, for which they received 15 minutes of applause and 20 curtain calls.

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5. In April 1959, Margot Fonteyn was arrested, detained for 24 hours in a Panamanian jail, and then deported to New York City.

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6. In 1948, Margot Fonteyn went to Paris to perform as Agathe, a role created for her, in Les Demoiselles de la nuit by the choreographer Roland Petit.

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7. In August 1943, Margot Fonteyn took an unexplained sick leave from the company for two months, missing their opening season performances.

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8. In 1935, Margot Fonteyn had her solo debut, playing Young Tregennis in The Haunted Ballroom.

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9. In 1972, Margot Fonteyn went into semi-retirement, although she continued to dance periodically until the end of the decade.

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10. In 1961, when Margot Fonteyn was considering retirement, Rudolf Nureyev defected from the Kirov Ballet while dancing in Paris.

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