8 Facts About Maria Tallchief

1. In 2018, Maria Tallchief became one of the inductees in the first induction ceremony held by the National Native American Hall of Fame.

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2. In 1952 Maria Tallchief married Elmourza Natirboff, a pilot for a private charter airline.

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3. In 1962, Maria Tallchief was Rudolf Nureyev's partner of choice for his American debut which was broadcast on national television.

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4. In 1954, Maria Tallchief was given the role of Sugar Plum Fairy in Balanchine's newly reworked version of The Nutcracker, then an obscure ballet.

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5. When the couple returned to the states, Maria Tallchief quickly became one of the first stars, and first prima ballerina, of the New York City Ballet, which opened in October 1948.

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6. The French press was fascinated by Maria Tallchief's dancing, and even more so her background.

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7. At age 12, Maria Tallchief began to work with Bronislava Nijinska, a renowned choreographer who had recently opened her own studio in Los Angeles, and David Lichine, a choreographer and former dancer.

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8. In 1996, Maria Tallchief received a Kennedy Center Honor for lifetime achievements.

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