79 Facts About Marilyn Manson


Marilyn Manson came to prominence as the lead singer of the band that shares his name, of which he remains the only constant member since its formation in 1989.


Marilyn Manson made his film debut as an actor in David Lynch's Lost Highway, and has since appeared in a variety of minor roles and cameos.


Marilyn Manson is widely considered one of the most controversial figures in heavy metal music, and has been involved in numerous controversies throughout his career.


Marilyn Manson's lyrics were criticized by American politicians and were examined in congressional hearings.


In 1999, news media falsely blamed Marilyn Manson for influencing the perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre.


Marilyn Manson's work has been cited in several other violent events; his paintings and films appeared as evidence in a murder trial, and he has been accused of inspiring several other murders and school shootings.


Marilyn Manson is of English, German, Irish, and Polish descent, and has claimed that his mother's family had Sioux heritage.

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Marilyn Manson attended Heritage Christian School from first to tenth grade.


Marilyn Manson was working towards a degree in journalism, gaining experience in the field by writing articles for the music magazine 25th Parallel.


Marilyn Manson interviewed musicians and soon met several of the musicians to whom his own work was later compared, including Groovie Mann from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, with the latter later becoming his mentor and producing his debut album.


Marilyn Manson later criticized Nothing Records and its parent label Interscope for a perceived lack of promotion.


For 1998's Mechanical Animals, Marilyn Manson said he took inspiration from 1970s glam rock, and adopted a wardrobe and hairstyle similar to David Bowie.


Marilyn Manson said he did this to avoid being portrayed as a "bogeyman", a role which had been ascribed to him by mainstream media following the band's commercial breakthrough.


Marilyn Manson began his collaboration with French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier during this period, who designed much of the elaborate attire worn by the band on the supporting "Grotesk Burlesk Tour".


Marilyn Manson signed a lucrative recording contract with British independent record label Cooking Vinyl in 2011, with the band and label sharing profits equally after the label recouped costs associated with marketing, promotion and distribution.


Marilyn Manson created three remixes of the song "Transylvanian Concubine", two of which appeared on their 1997 EP Transylvanian Regurgitations.


Marilyn Manson befriended The Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan in 1997, and performed renditions of "Eye" and "The Beautiful People" alongside that band at the 1997 edition of Bridge School Benefit concert.


Marilyn Manson frequently consulted Corgan during the early stages of recording Mechanical Animals.


Marilyn Manson launched his own vanity label in 2000, Posthuman Records.


Marilyn Manson performed vocals on "Redeemer", a song written by Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis that featured on the 2002 album Queen of the Damned: Music from the Motion Picture.


Marilyn Manson contributed a remix of the Linkin Park song "By Myself" to that band's remix album Reanimation, and collaborated with Marco Beltrami to create the score for the 2002 film Resident Evil.


Marilyn Manson performed vocals on the Chew Fu GhettoHouse Fix remix of Lady Gaga's "LoveGame", which was featured as a b-side on the song's single in 2008.


Marilyn Manson was a featured vocalist on "Can't Haunt Me", a track recorded in 2011 for Skylar Grey's unreleased album Invinsible.


Marilyn Manson appeared on "Bad Girl", a song from Avril Lavigne's 2013 self-titled album, and featured on the song "Hypothetical" from Emigrate's 2014 album Silent So Long.


Marilyn Manson recorded vocals on a cover of Bowie's "Cat People " for country musician Shooter Jennings's 2016 album Countach.

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Marilyn Manson appeared in the song's music video, and a remix created by Danny Lohner and featuring Marilyn Manson appeared on special editions of The Marshall Mathers LP.


Marilyn Manson joined Eminem on-stage for several live performances of the track, one of which featured on Eminem's 2002 video album All Access Europe.


Alongside DaBaby, Marilyn Manson co-wrote and was a featured artist on "Jail pt 2", a song on Kanye West's 2021 album Donda.


Marilyn Manson continued his collaboration with West for the follow-up album, Donda 2.


Marilyn Manson wants Marilyn to play what he makes, and then Ye will take parts of that and sample parts of that and use parts of that, like he did [generally when making] Yeezus.


Marilyn Manson made his film debut in 1997, as an actor in David Lynch's Lost Highway.


Marilyn Manson was interviewed in Michael Moore's political documentary Bowling for Columbine discussing possible motivations for the Columbine massacre and allegations that his music was somehow a factor.


Marilyn Manson has appeared in animated form in Clone High and participated in several episodes of the MTV series Celebrity Deathmatch, becoming the show's unofficial champion and mascot; he often performed the voice for his claymated puppet, and contributed the song "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes" to the soundtrack album.


Marilyn Manson himself expressed interest in playing the role of Willy Wonka in the film.


Marilyn Manson had been working on his directorial debut, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll, a project that has been in development hell since 2004, with Manson set to portray the role of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


Marilyn Manson appeared in the final season of the TV series Sons of Anarchy, portraying white supremacist Ron Tully.


In January 2016, it was announced that Marilyn Manson would be joining the cast for season 3 of WGN's Salem.


Marilyn Manson played Thomas Dinley, a barber and surgeon described as "the go-to man in Salem, from a shave and a haircut to being leeched, bled, sliced open or sewn up".


In 2020, Marilyn Manson was a guest star on the HBO television series The New Pope, in which he has a personal audience with the series' Pope and recommends that he visit the prior Pope that lies unconscious in a coma.


Marilyn Manson stated in a 2004 interview with i-D magazine to have begun his career as a watercolor painter in 1999 when he made five-minute concept pieces and sold them to drug dealers.


Celebritarian Corporation is the namesake of an art gallery owned by Marilyn Manson, called the Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art in Los Angeles for which his third exhibition was the inaugural show.


Marilyn Manson revealed a series of 20 paintings in 2010 entitled Genealogies of Pain, an exhibition showcased at Vienna's Kunsthalle gallery which the artist collaborated on with David Lynch.


Marilyn Manson has made an appearance in the video game Area 51 as Edgar, a grey alien.


Marilyn Manson's likeness is featured on the Celebrity Deathmatch video game for which he recorded a song for the soundtrack.


Marilyn Manson launched "Mansinthe", his own brand of Swiss-made absinthe, which has received mixed reviews; some critics described the taste as being "just plain", but it came second to Versinthe in an Absinthe top five and won a gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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In 2015, Marilyn Manson stated he was no longer drinking absinthe.


Marilyn Manson predominantly delivers lyrics in a melodic fashion, although he invariably enhances his vocal register by utilizing several extended vocal techniques, such as vocal fry, screaming, growling and crooning.


Marilyn Manson possesses a baritone vocal type, and has a vocal range which spans three octaves.


The name Marilyn Manson is formed by a juxtaposition of two opposing American pop cultural icons: Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson.


Marilyn Manson put himself out there to take those attacks.


Marilyn Manson is owned by Brian Warner, my real name.


Marilyn Manson says he used those trademark registrations to issue cease and desist orders to media outlets who wrongly blamed him for the Columbine High School massacre.


Marilyn Manson generally uses the name in lieu of his birth name.


On February 19,1999, Marilyn Manson counter-sued Marks for libel, slander and defamation, seeking million in reparation.


Marilyn Manson apologized for the Poughkeepsie incident and offered to make financial restitution.


Marilyn Manson pleaded no contest to the reduced charges, paid a fine, and later settled the lawsuit under undisclosed terms.


Marilyn Manson is reported to have said there were no alcohol or other drugs at the party; St John's lawyer disputed this claim.


In December 2007, Marilyn Manson countersued, claiming that Bier failed to fulfill his duties as a band member to play for recordings and to promote the band.


Marilyn Manson was engaged to actress Rose McGowan from February 1999 to January 2001.


Marilyn Manson proposed on March 22,2004, and they were married in a private, non-denominational ceremony officiated by Chilean film director Alejandro Jodorowsky.


Marilyn Manson proposed to Wood during a Paris stage performance in January 2010, but the couple broke off the engagement later that year.


Usich is credited as the photo source for the cover art of Marilyn Manson's 2012 album, Born Villain.


In February 2015, Marilyn Manson told Beat magazine that he is "newly single".


In October 2020, Marilyn Manson revealed in an interview with Nicolas Cage on ABC News Radio that he was married in a private ceremony during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Marilyn Manson claims he was a friend of Anton LaVey, and early on had claimed LaVey inducted him as a minister in the Church of Satan.

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Marilyn Manson is familiar with the writings of Aleister Crowley and Friedrich Nietzsche.


Marilyn Manson has been referred to as one of the most iconic and controversial figures in heavy metal music, with some referring to him as a "pop culture icon".


Ozzy Osbourne sued the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority after they forced the cancelation of the New Jersey date of the 1997 Ozzfest at Giants Stadium; Marilyn Manson's appearance had been cited as the reason for the cancelation.


The letter named Marilyn Manson, accusing him of producing songs that "eerily reflect" the actions of Harris and Klebold.


Marilyn Manson canceled the final four dates of the Rock Is Dead Tour out of respect for the victims while criticizing the media for their irresponsible coverage of the tragedy.


Marilyn Manson argued the media should be blamed for the next school shooting, as it was them who propagated the ensuing hysteria and "witch hunt", and said that instead of debating more relevant societal issues, the media instead facilitated the placing of blame on a scapegoat.


The lyrical content of the band's 2000 album Holy Wood was largely inspired by the massacre, with Marilyn Manson saying it was a rebuttal to the accusations leveled against him by mainstream media.


Marilyn Manson discussed the massacre and its aftermath in Michael Moore's 2002 documentary Bowling for Columbine.


Marilyn Manson said the arrest was politically motivated following his implication in the murder by Italian tabloids.


Marilyn Manson's mutilated body was discovered in woodland near her home, with her injuries said to closely resemble those of Elizabeth Short, commonly referred to by media as the Black Dahlia.


Marilyn Manson was immediately dropped by distributing record label Loma Vista Recordings, his talent agency Creative Artists, and his long-time manager Tony Ciulla.


Marilyn Manson was removed from future episodes of TV series American Gods and Creepshow, in which he was scheduled to appear.


Bianco and Marilyn Manson reached an out-of-court settlement in January 2023 with undisclosed terms of agreement.


Marilyn Manson filed a lawsuit against Wood and Ashley "Illma" Gore for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violations of the California Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud Act, as well as the impersonation of an FBI agent and falsifying federal documents.