38 Facts About Martha Kane


Martha Kane is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Carli Norris.

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Martha Kane is portrayed as a feisty female and a liberal parent.

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Martha Kane is an alcoholic and has been used to portray the effects the issue has on involved family members.

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Martha Kane later sets out to prove Will Savage is a murderer and succeeds.

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Martha Kane revealed that she planned to introduce "satellite" family members in the process.

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Martha Kane is a single mother, she dislikes the father of her children who wealthy and lives in Dubai.

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Martha Kane is immature for her age but tries to do the right thing for her children.

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Norris believes that Martha Kane is "very immauture" because she became pregnant with Ash at a young age, subsequently losing her own childhood.

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Martha Kane did so by feeling sympathetic and attempting to understand Martha's behaviour.

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Norris told Alison Slade from TVTimes that Martha Kane "would die for her children" but she still behaves like a child herself.

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Norris said that Martha Kane keeps deserting her family and leaving them to cope with alone.

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Bourke added that Martha Kane's actions bring Lacey to the realisation of what her mother is "capable of and that her drink problem is worse than she thought".

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Martha Kane's drinking becomes more frequent in the weeks that followed.

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Martha Kane is aware of the upset is causes her children, but she "just laughs it off and makes a joke out of the situation".

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Martha Kane shared some stories with me, and nobody should have to go through that, particularly at that age.

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Martha Kane decides to stop drinking alcohol and begins to rebuild her life.

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Martha Kane noted Martha will always be an alcoholic and would dislike Martha having occasional drinks.

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Susan Hill from the Daily Star reported that everyone had been fooled by Ally and Martha Kane helps to expose it after preventing Ally sleeping with Lacey.

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Martha Kane's remaining on-screen children, Ash and Callum, were killed-off during October 2013.

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Martha Kane explains that Will was hiding it in Martha's flat and is not disabled as he claims to be.

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Atherton told Digital Spy's Kilkelly that Martha Kane begins to uncover the truth that he murdered Anna and Texas Longford.

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Martha Kane tells Dennis Savage and Dodger Savage of her suspicions and they decide to expose him.

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Martha Kane first appears when she asks Callum where he has been overnight.

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Martha Kane assumes that he spent the night with Maddie Morrison when he was actually helping homeless George Smith out.

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Martha Kane agrees to let George stay with her for aslong as he needs to.

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When Martha Kane finds a new home, she goes missing leaving Callum and Ash to sort out the moving.

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Martha Kane interferes with Callum's revision to get him to help with interview preparations.

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Martha Kane gets a new job and immediately sleep with her boss after a night of drinking.

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When her boyfriend cancels their date Martha Kane get drunk and ignores Lacey, who decides to pour her wine down the drain.

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Martha Kane later discovers that Lacey has stolen money from the Savage family.

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Martha Kane takes the money for herself to pay the bills and Lacey uses this against her to have more freedom.

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When Martha Kane gets drunk again her children force her to leave the house.

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When Martha Kane gets drunk Ally insults her which makes her more determined to rid of him.

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Martha Kane pretends to be drunk and Ally uses the opportunity to be nasty to her, thinking she will not remember.

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Martha Kane manages to get home in time to prevent it and he is arrested for identity fraud.

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Martha Kane is known to hate the character Callum Ash because he betrayed her for Michael.

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Martha Kane decides there is nothing to stay in Hollyoaks for and after saying goodbye to the Savages she leaves the village to go and live with her sister and Lacey.

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The writer was unsurprised that "troubled Martha Kane" cannot resist a drink and falls "off the wagon big time".

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