25 Facts About Hollyoaks


Hollyoaks is a British soap opera which began airing on Channel 4 on 23 October 1995.

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Hollyoaks has covered various taboo subjects rarely seen on British television, for which it has received numerous awards.

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Hollyoaks cited American performer Bo Diddley as an inspiration whilst making the theme song.

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Hollyoaks is the one of only two British soaps to make regular use of incidental music .

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In July 2013, Hollyoaks featured 'Off The Wall Oompah' Band Hosen Brass, playing a selection of their own cover versions for Darren's Bavarian Night at the Dog In The Pond.

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Hollyoaks was initially sponsored by Nescafe, which held a one-year £9.

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Caspar Nelson, the head of brand communications at Phones4u, said their research had shown that Hollyoaks was the most-watched TV show for their target audience.

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All of the week's episodes of Hollyoaks are compiled into an omnibus on Channel 4, and as of 2020, a signed and audio described version is transmitted at 02:25, and a regular version at 06:00.

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Episodes of Hollyoaks, including the weekly omnibus, are available for catch-up viewing online through the All 4 streaming platform.

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In 2019, Hollyoaks became the first soap opera to release a boxset of episodes onto a streaming service.

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In June 2020, episodes of Hollyoaks were made available on social media platform Snapchat.

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Hollyoaks has become notable for being the first soap to address various social issues.

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Hollyoaks was the first British soap opera to have a "non-linear" week.

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In November 2012, Hollyoaks aired "Enjoy the Ride", in which four regular characters were killed: Rhys Ashworth, and three sixth form students, Maddie Morrison, Neil Cooper and Jono .

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In 2019, Hollyoaks became the first British television programme to tackle the issue of far-right extremism and radicalisation with Ste Hay central to the storyline.

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On 21 December 2019, Hollyoaks aired a one year flash forward episode to 31 December 2020, which showed sneak peaks of the upcoming county lines drug trafficking storyline fallout.

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Hollyoaks producers felt that it was best to continue with the transmission of the episodes.

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Hollyoaks's expressed her disgust as she had not been consulted, and felt that the producers were making a "horrific murder" into a topic for entertainment to gain viewers.

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Hollyoaks has been praised by viewers, critics and award ceremonies for the way they handle issue-led storylines.

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In 2018, Duncan Lindsay of the Metro wrote a piece on Hollyoaks being "top of its game for tackling important issues".

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Hollyoaks felt that the soap had "well and truly shed any reputation for being a bonkers, teen soap" and that it had become known for "careful, considered and dignified tackling of sensitive and important social issues".

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Hollyoaks felt that despite their early evening timeslot, Hollyoaks "bravely goes where many later night programmes dare not".

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Hollyoaks explained that their issue-led storylines result in "huge numbers of people coming forward" to the charities.

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Hollyoaks Later returned for a one-off special in 2020, which featured the demise of serial killer Breda McQueen, as well as the introduction of Verity Hutchinson .

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In October 2009, The Hollyoaks Music Show began with celebrity artists performing on the set of Hollyoaks.

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