10 Facts About Breda


Breda is a city and municipality in the southern part of the Netherlands, located in the province of North Brabant.

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Breda remained part of the barony of Breda until it was captured by French revolutionary forces in 1795.

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In 1534 Henry III of Nassau-Breda rebuilt the modest medieval fortifications in impressive style.

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In 1646, Frederick Henry founded the Orange College of Breda, modelled on Saumur, Geneva, and Oxford, intending it to train young men of good family for the army and the civil service.

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Each year during Liberation Day festivities, Breda is visited by a large Polish contingent and the city of Breda reserves a special portion of the festivities for the fallen Polish soldiers.

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Breda was the site of one of the first panopticon prison establishments, Koepelgevangenis.

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Breda was a center of the food- and drink industry.

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Breda formerly housed the largest brewery in the Netherlands .

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Production of the Breda brand was moved to both Bremen and Leuven until 2008, when Randalls Brewery acquired the licence.

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Nowadays, Breda is a service oriented economy based on business, trade and logistics.

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