18 Facts About Bremen


Bremen is contiguous with the Lower Saxon towns of Delmenhorst, Stuhr, Achim, Weyhe, Schwanewede and Lilienthal.

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Bremen is the fourth largest city in the Low German dialect area after Hamburg, Dortmund and Essen.

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Bremen is a major cultural and economic hub of Northern Germany.

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Bremen is well known through the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale "Town Musicians of Bremen", and there is a statue dedicated to it in front of the city hall.

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Bremen became one of the founding Bundeslander of the German Federal Republic.

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Opposite Bremen's Altstadt is the point where the "Middle Weser" becomes the "Lower Weser" and, from the area of Bremen's port, the river has been made navigable to ocean-going vessels.

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In terms of area, Bremen is the thirteenth largest city in Germany; and in terms of population the second largest city in northwest Germany after Hamburg and the eleventh largest in the whole of Germany .

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Bremen has a moderate oceanic climate due to its proximity to the North Sea coast and temperate maritime air masses that move in with the predominantly westerly winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

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On 13 October 2018, Bremen recorded its warmest October day on record with 28.

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Bremen's economy boomed in line with the West German Wirtschaftswunder of the 1950s and 60s.

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Freie Waldorfschule in Bremen-Sebaldsbruck was Germany's first school built to the Passivhaus low-energy building standard.

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Bremen is the second development centre of the region, after Hamburg.

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In Bremen there is a plant of EADS Astrium and the headquarters of OHB-System, respectively the first and the third space companies of European Union.

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In past centuries when Bremen's port was the "key to Europe", the city had a large number of wine importers, but the number is down to a precious few.

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The largest wine cellar in the world is located in Bremen, which was once said to hold over 1 million bottles, but during WWII was raided by occupying forces.

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Bremen is home to the football team Werder Bremen, who won the German Football Championship for the fourth time and the German Football Cup for the fifth time in 2004, making them only the fourth team in German football history to win the double; the club won the German Football Cup for the sixth time in 2009.

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The home stadium of SV Werder Bremen is the Weserstadion, a pure football stadium, almost completely surrounded by solar cells.

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Additionally, Bremen has a University of the Arts and the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

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