22 Facts About Atlantic Ocean

1. Atlantic Ocean has contributed significantly to the development and economy of surrounding countries.

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2. Atlantic Ocean has irregular coasts indented by numerous bays, gulfs and seas.

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3. In contrast, the term "Atlantic Ocean" originally referred specifically to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the sea off the Strait of Gibraltar and the North African coast.

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4. Atlantic Ocean remains one of the most expansive, mysterious and diverse places on Earth.

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5. Atlantic Ocean is the body of water which is bordered:.

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6. Atlantic Ocean is known as the smallest ocean compare to the other oceans.

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7. The Southern Atlantic Ocean covers 7.8 million square miles with an average depth of 14,763 feet.

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8. The Pacific Atlantic Ocean covers 60 million square miles with an average depth of 15,215 feet.

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9. The Arctic Atlantic Ocean covers 5.4 million square miles, with an average depth of 3,953 feet.

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10. Atlantic Ocean is the richest waters in terms of fishing.

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11. Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest ocean of all the five oceans.

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12. Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean after the Pacific Ocean.

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13. Atlantic Ocean lies between North and South America on the west and Europe and Africa on the east.

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14. Atlantic Ocean contains some of the most heavily traveled routes between the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

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15. Atlantic Ocean was the first ocean to be crossed by ship and airplane.

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16. Atlantic Ocean causes the highest tides in the world, which occur in the Bay of Fundy, Canada.

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17. Atlantic Ocean has a volume of 310,410,900 cubic kilometers.

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18. Atlantic Ocean covers an area of approximately 106,460,000 square kilometers.

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19. Atlantic Ocean is the youngest among all the oceans in the world.

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20. Atlantic Ocean consists of four major, upper water masses with distinct temperature and salinity.

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21. The south tides in the Atlantic Ocean are semi-diurnal; that is, two high tides occur during each 24 lunar hours.

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22. Atlantic Ocean is bounded on the west by North and South America.

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