38 Facts About Mary Fallin

1. In 2002, Mary Fallin was chosen by Brad Henry to become his running mate.

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2. Mary Fallin is currently married to a lawyer husband Wade Christensen.

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3. Mary Fallin was born on December 9, 1954 to father Joseph Newton and mother Mary Jo.

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4. Mary Fallin is the incumbent Governor of Oklahoma who is currently serving the second gubernatorial term since taking office on January 10, 2011 as the successor if Brad Henry.

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5. In 1994, Mary Fallin was elected to serve as the 14th Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma.

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6. Mary Fallin was married to Joseph Mary Fallin from 1984 until 1998.

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7. Mary Fallin was not the only Republican governor to stand against the rule.

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8. Mary Fallin has served Oklahoma for almost 30 years, but as her term as 27th governor of Oklahoma draws to a close, she reflects on her time as a public servant.

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9. Mary Fallin married her first husband, Joseph Mary Fallin, a dentist, in November 1984.

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10. In March 2017, Mary Fallin approved of the Shawnee Tribe's plan to build a $25 million casino close to Guymon in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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11. In May 2015, Mary Fallin signed a bill for a $25 million bond proposal to complete the Native American Cultural Center and Museum, a project already underway.

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12. Mary Fallin criticized "outside" groups that protested with Oklahoma teachers at Oklahoma State Capitol, referring to the National Education Association and West Virginia teachers.

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13. Mary Fallin was formerly a champion of the Common Core State Standards, but in June 2014 signed a bill dropping the standards.

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14. In May 2015, Mary Fallin signed into law a measure prohibiting Oklahoma local governments from enacting local bans on oil and gas drilling.

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15. Mary Fallin is part of a group of Republican governors who have said that they will refuse to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

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16. In 2018, Mary Fallin vetoed legislation to authorize adults to publicly carry guns without permit or training, prompting the NRA to criticize her.

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17. In 2015, Mary Fallin vetoed legislation that would have restricted businesses' ability to prohibit guns in parks, fairgrounds and recreational areas.

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18. Mary Fallin took the position that Oklahoma law did not recognize such relationships.

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19. Mary Fallin was criticized for bias after ordering state-owned National Guard facilities to deny spousal benefits to all same-sex couples.

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20. In December 2016, Mary Fallin signed into law a bill to require all Oklahoma Department of Health-regulated entities, including restaurants, public buildings, hospitals, and small businesses, to install anti-abortion signs in their public restrooms by January 2018.

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21. In May 2016, Mary Fallin vetoed a bill passed by the Oklahoma State Legislature that would have made it a felony, punishable by up to three years in prison, to perform an abortion, except in instances to save the life of the mother.

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22. In May 2015, Mary Fallin signed into law a measure that tripled the mandatory waiting period in Oklahoma for an abortion, extending it to 72 hours.

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23. In May 2017, Mary Fallin vetoed a bill to permit more high-interest payday loans in Oklahoma.

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24. Mary Fallin called for a state constitutional amendment to restore the monument to the Capitol grounds.

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25. Mary Fallin appointed former state senator James Williamson to replace Chance.

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26. Mary Fallin appointed Dave Lopez Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce and Tourism and director of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce in 2011.

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27. Mary Fallin began her transition by holding a joint press conference with outgoing governor Brad Henry.

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28. Mary Fallin won the Republican nomination with 136,460 votes, ahead of her nearest challenger, State Senator Randy Brogdon, who received 98,159 votes.

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29. Mary Fallin resigned her position as Lieutenant Governors on January 2, 2007 in order to be sworn into Congress on January 4, 2007.

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30. Mary Fallin considered running for governor and challenging incumbent Democrat Brad Henry, but decided against it given Henry's popularity as measured in polls at the time.

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31. Mary Fallin decided not to seek re-election to a fourth term as lieutenant governor.

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32. Mary Fallin served as the national Chair of the Aerospace States Association.

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33. In 1998, Mary Fallin served as chair of the National Lieutenant Governors Association.

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34. Mary Fallin promoted Project Homesafe, a national initiative of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a firearms industry trade association, to distribute free cable gun locks to reduce the risk of accidental in-home shootings.

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35. In 1995, Mary Fallin became the first woman and first Republican to be sworn in as lieutenant governor of Oklahoma, an office she would hold for 12 years.

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36. Mary Fallin was active with the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, and was recognized by ALEC as Legislator of the Year in 1993.

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37. Mary Fallin holds a bachelor of science degree in human and environmental sciences, and family relations and child development from Oklahoma State University.

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38. In 1994, Mary Fallin was elected to serve as the 14th Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma; being elected to a total of three terms, she served under two different governors from 1995 to 2007.

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