13 Facts About MediaTek


MediaTek Inc is a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company that provides chips for wireless communications, high-definition television, handheld mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, navigation systems, consumer multimedia products and digital subscriber line services as well as optical disc drives.

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MediaTek was originally a unit of the Taiwanese firm, United Microelectronics Corporation, tasked with designing chipsets for home entertainment products.

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In general MediaTek has had a strong record of gaining market share and displacing competitors after entering new markets.

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At Mobile World Congress 2014, MediaTek unveiled its new brand "Everyday Genius", dubbing the term "Super-mid market", with the vision and aiming to make smartphones more accessible affordable to the wider market.

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In September 2019, MediaTek collaborated with VVDN Technologies to design, manufacture new-age AIoT solutions.

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MediaTek overtook Qualcomm as the largest vendor of smartphone chipsets in the world in the third quarter of 2020, mainly due to significant growth in the Indian and Latin American markets.

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In 2005, MediaTek acquired Inprocomm, a wireless semiconductor design company producing 802.

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The initial phase of the deal saw MediaTek taking a 48 percent stake, with an option to purchase the remaining stake later.

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MediaTek started shipping chips with integrated 4G LTE baseband in volume in the second half of 2014, later than its largest competitor Qualcomm.

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MediaTek's stock has been trading on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under the symbol TWSE: 2454.

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March 2021 report revealed that MediaTek had overtaken Qualcomm for the first time as the world's biggest smartphone chipset vendor in 2020, with 351.

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MediaTek collaborated with Google on the first Ultra HD TV platform for Android TV, resulting in the development of the MT5595 digital television SoC.

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MediaTek said Sports Mode is designed to show full capabilities during benchmarks, that it is standard practice in the industry, and their device makers can choose to enable it or not.

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