16 Facts About Mehmet Oz


Mehmet Oz subsequently began his residency in surgery at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in 1986.


Mehmet Oz was born in 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio, to Suna and Mustafa Oz, who had emigrated from Konya Province, Turkey.


Mehmet Oz played safety on Harvard's football team and was a goalkeeper on the men's varsity water polo team.


Mehmet Oz was awarded the Captain's Athletic Award for leadership in college and was class president and then student body president during medical school.


Mehmet Oz has helped develop numerous devices and procedures related to heart surgery, including the MitraClip and the left ventricular assist device, and by 2015 held a number of patents related to heart surgery.


Mehmet Oz supported the re-election campaign of President George W Bush in 2004 and the candidacy of Shmuley Boteach, a rabbi who ran for Congress as a Republican in New Jersey in 2012.


Mehmet Oz went to school in Pennsylvania, met his wife and got married in Pennsylvania, and 2 of his children were born in Pennsylvania.

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Anthony Fauci

Mehmet Oz noted at the time that he was opposed to six-week abortion bans.


Mehmet Oz initially praised Anthony Fauci as a "pro" and lauded his role in combating the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.


Mehmet Oz has criticized the power of teachers' unions and their close relationship with the Democratic Party.


Mehmet Oz previously played in the 2010 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.


Mehmet Oz lived with his wife, Lisa, in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, for several decades, and holds his medical license within Pennsylvania.


Mehmet Oz has since voted twice in Pennsylvania and acquired a Pennsylvanian driver's license and a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit.


Mehmet Oz has said that he maintains his Turkish citizenship to care for his ailing mother with Alzheimer's, but Oz expressed he would renounce it before being sworn in if he was ultimately elected to the Senate.


Mehmet Oz has been nominated for ten Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Talk Show Host since The Dr Oz Show premiered in 2009, and has won the award four times.


Mehmet Oz has a regular column in Esquire magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine and his article "Retool, Reboot, and Rebuild" was awarded the 2009 National Magazine Award for Personal Service.