6 Facts About Merrill Lynch

1. In 1985 Merrill Lynch met a longstanding goal when it became one of the first six foreign companies to join the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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2. In 1971 Merrill Lynch became the second member of the New York Stock Exchange to invite public ownership of its shares, and in July of that year became the first to have its own shares traded there.

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3. In 2002 Merrill Lynch settled for a $10 million civil penalty as a result of improper activities that took place out of the firm's Fort Lee New Jersey office.

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4. In May 2008, Merrill Lynch was named the No 1 US company for "Diverse College Graduates" by Diversity Edge magazine, edging out Microsoft for the top spot on the rankings.

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5. In 2007, Merrill Lynch was named the second-best company in the US for people with disabilities by Diversity Magazine.

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6. In 2003, Merrill Lynch became the second-largest shareholder for the Japanese animation studio TMS Entertainment.

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