12 Facts About Met Gala


Met Gala, or Met Ball, formally called the Costume Institute Gala or the Costume Institute Benefit, is an annual fundraising gala held for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City.

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Met Gala was established in 1948 by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert as a fundraiser for the newly founded Costume Institute to mark the opening of its annual exhibit.

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When Diana Vreeland became consultant to the Costume Institute in 1972, the Met Gala began to evolve into a more global and glamorous affair, although one that was still aimed at the societal set.

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Met Gala is widely regarded as among the most prominent and most exclusive social events in the world.

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The Met Gala is one of the most notable sources of funding for the Institute, with total contributions surpassing $200 million for the first time after the 2019 event.

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Since 1948, the Met Gala has occurred consecutively each year, except in 2000 and 2002.

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The Met Gala resumed in 2021, but was held in September rather than in May that year.

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Met Costume Institute Gala is a highly renowned fundraising benefit that serves as an opening celebration for the Institute's annual fashion exhibit.

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In 2014, the theme was "Charles James: Beyond Fashion, " when the Met Gala announced a dress code requiring white tie, a number of media outlets pointed out the difficulty and expense of obtaining traditional white tie, even for the celebrity guests.

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My dress at the Met Gala Ball was a political statement as well as a fashion statement.

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Some celebrities who were found by the media to be controversial in the 2019 Met Gala include Kim Kardashian, who wore a Thierry Mugler form-fitting tan button up dress made to look wet with the addition of crystal droplets.

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Ocasio-Cortez's controversial look was bold and targeted the attendees of the Met Gala; she wore a white off-the-shoulder gown with the phrase "tax the rich" sewn onto the back in bold red satin lettering.

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