80 Facts About Mia Love

1. Mia Love writes love stories that move from wackadoodle to heartfelt in six seconds flat.

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2. Mia Love was the first female Haitian-American elected official in Utah County, Utah.

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3. Mia Love started her political career in 2003 after she won a seat on the Saratoga Springs City Council.

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4. In early 2018, Mia Love joined other Utahn political leaders in expressing opposition to President Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.

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5. On October 8, 2016, Mia Love issued a statement that she would not vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump in the presidential election, urging him to withdraw from the race for the good of the party and the country.

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6. Mia Love was a member of the Congressional Western Caucus and the Climate Solutions Caucus.

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7. Mia Love joined the Congressional Black Caucus after taking her seat.

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8. Mia Love said "Mia Love gave me no love, and she lost.

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9. Mia Love traveled to a posh DC party, but it's clear from the record that she paid coach.

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10. Mia Love graduated from Norwalk High School before completing a degree in fine arts in 1998 at the University of Hartford, which she attended on a partial scholarship.

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11. Mia Love was raised a Roman Catholic; her father worked for Nabisco, and her mother worked as a nurse.

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12. Mia Love said she will continue undeterred with "positive, unifying language.

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13. Mia Love lambasted Michelle Obama for her charge that people do not trust politics because the GOP is "all men, all white.

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14. Mia Love paid the money for travel back, and the taxpayers have been made whole.

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15. Mia Love initially told The Hill that she ran the trip by the House Ethics and Administration Committees.

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16. Mia Love said Washington, DC's agenda should be "about the American people—no distractions.

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17. At this point, it does not look like Mia Love intends to make such documents available to the public.

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18. Mia Love is serving on the Financial Services committee, and on the Monetary Policy and Trade, Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, and the Terrorism and Illicit Financing subcommittees.

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19. Mia Love graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in fine arts.

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20. Mia Love is the first black woman to be elected to the Congress on a Republican ticket.

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21. Mia Love converted to a Mormon after she got married her husband.

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22. Mia Love agrees on the tightening of US borders to bar illegal immigrants.

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23. Mia Love has been a proponent of the abolition of government spending on public schools.

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24. Mia Love has always stated that she will fight for the sanctity of the family.

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25. Mia Love is a member of the Black Congressional Caucus.

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26. Mia Love became the first Republican black female to be elected to Congress.

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27. Mia Love was the mayor of Saratoga Springs from 2010 to 2014.

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28. Mia Love got into community politics as soon as she settled in Utah.

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29. Mia Love is a demonstration that the American dream of opportunities is true.

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30. Mia Love is the first black female Republican Congresswomen in the US.

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31. Mia Love is a Haitian American and black female Republican elected to Congress and first black American elected to Congress from Utah.

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32. Mia Love has not conceded but released a statement saying she would call McAdams to congratulate him.

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33. Mia Love pulls ahead in Utah House race after Trump knocked her for losing.

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34. Mia Love requested to challenge signature verification being done on ballots by the Salt Lake County Clerk.

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35. Mia Love has pulled into the lead over Ben McAdams (D) by 419 votes.

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36. Mia Love lives in Utah County and was expected to prevail there.

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37. Mia Love jumps ahead of Ben McAdams by 419 votes after updates from Utah, Salt Lake counties.

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38. Mia Love took the lead on Friday and grew her advantage up to 1,516 after receiving strong results from the conservative Utah County.

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39. Mia Love has been stressing her independence from President Donald Trump as she seeks a third term in the conservative state where many voters remain uncomfortable with the president's demeanor and comments.

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40. Mia Love walks to greets supporters during an election night party Tuesday Nov 6, 2018, in Lehi, Utah.

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41. Mia Love said in a statement Tuesday night that she is traveling with her family for the Thanksgiving and will hold a news conference Monday in Salt Lake City to speak about the race.

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42. Mia Love said in a statement Tuesday night that she is traveling with her family for the.

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43. Mia Love pulled ahead in her race against Democrat Ben McAdams for the first time Friday as an updated vote count in Utah County gave her a narrow lead.

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44. Mia Love seemed to struggle to find the right balance among conservative voters as she tried to keep her distance but stopped short of disparaging the president, said Damon Cann, a political science professor at Utah State University.

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45. Mia Love portrayed Mr McAdams as the politician who was out of touch with the district, casting him as a liberal supporter of Hillary Clinton and abortion rights who would not represent the wishes of Utahns in Congress.

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46. Mia Love voted for policies favored by Mr Trump almost 96 percent of the time, according to an analysis by the website FiveThirtyEight.

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47. Mia Love has since criticized the president for certain trade tariffs, and condemned the "horrible" policy of splitting up immigrant families at the US border.

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48. Mia Love made history in 2014 when she became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress, after serving as mayor of Saratoga Springs from 2010.

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49. Mia Love has lost her Utah seat by a margin of fewer than 700 votes.

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50. Mia Love announced in a statement Tuesday that she will give McAdams a call but did not indicate if she would be conceding the race.

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51. Mia Love lost her re-election bid late Tuesday by a narrow margin in Utah's 4th Congressional district.

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52. Mia Love turned down an offer to appear in the Broadway show Smokey Joe's Cafe that would start two days before her marriage.

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53. In early 2018, Mia Love expressed opposition to President Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.

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54. On October 8, 2016, Mia Love issued a statement that she would not vote for Republican candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election and urged him to withdraw from the race for the good of the party and the country.

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55. In 2018 Mia Love joined with Democrats in seeking to force immigration-related legislation to a vote on the house floor.

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56. Mia Love is a co-sponsor of the Recognizing America's Children Act, which would provide a pathway for DACA recipients to permanently remain in the country.

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57. Mia Love supported the March 2015 budget, which required an increase in federal employee contributions to their retirement funds.

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58. Mia Love was described as a Tea Party conservative in 2012.

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59. Mia Love believes that the federal government should have less power.

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60. Mia Love supports Utah's effort to reclaim public land from federal agency controls.

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61. In 2012, Mia Love said she would focus on opposing federal regulations, particularly those set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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62. Mia Love says she favors "fiscal discipline, limited government, and personal responsibility.

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63. Mia Love is a member of the Congressional Western Caucus and the Climate Solutions Caucus.

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64. Mia Love has called on the US Department of Education to allow state regulation of student loan providers.

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65. In March 2018, Mia Love became a supporter of creating federal laws against pyramid schemes.

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66. In April 2016, Mia Love got her first bill through the US House.

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67. In October 2015, Mia Love was named to serve on the Select Investigative Panel on Planned Parenthood.

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68. Mia Love joined the Congressional Black Caucus in January 2015 after taking her seat.

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69. With the start of the new Congress, Mia Love was appointed to the House Financial Services Committee.

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70. In early 2014 Mia Love was made a member of the Republican National Committee's National Advisory Council on African-American outreach.

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71. In November 2013, Mia Love acknowledged the growing consensus that the Tea Party needed to shift away from being the "party of no", disagreeing with its part in forcing a federal government shutdown over the budget.

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72. In August 2013, Mia Love was chosen by Newsmax as an "Up and Comer" in their list of top "25 Influential Women of the GOP", given her visible position as a young black female Republican.

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73. Mia Love was an opening speaker at the 2013 Western Conservative Summit.

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74. As of July 2013, Mia Love had raised over $475,000 for her campaign.

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75. In March 2013, Mia Love said she was seriously considering another run against Matheson.

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76. In 2003 Mia Love won a seat on the Saratoga Springs City Council.

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77. Mia Love began to be active in civic affairs when she served as the community spokesperson in Saratoga Springs, Utah in an effort to persuade the developer of her neighborhood to spray against flies.

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78. Mia Love was born Ludmya Bourdeau on December 6, 1975, in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, the daughter of Mary and Jean Maxine Bourdeau.

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79. Mia Love was born to Haitian parents in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

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80. Mia Love has officially lost her polling lead in the race for Utah's 4th congressional district.

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