21 Facts About Michael Bisping

1. Michael Bisping was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on 5 July 2019.

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2. Michael Bisping began training Jujutsu at the age of eight.

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3. At the age of 18, Michael Bisping decided to abandon his martial arts training "to pursue real-life".

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4. Michael Bisping went on to defend his championship title in a rematch against Epstein at Cage Rage 9 in a knockout victory that solidified Michael Bisping as one of the top light heavyweight fighters in England.

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5. At The Ultimate Fight Club UK: Natural Instinct on 29 January 2005, Michael Bisping made his cage kickboxing debut against David Brown in a light heavyweight contest.

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6. Michael Bisping made his debut for the promotion at Ultimate Force on 30 April 2005, defeating Dave Radford to win the vacant Cage Warriors light heavyweight title.

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7. Michael Bisping captured the FX3 light-heavyweight title on 18 June 2005 and, for a time, reigned over the UK's major federations.

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8. In early 2006, Michael Bisping was featured on the UFC's The Ultimate Fighter 3 reality television series as a contestant training under Tito Ortiz.

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9. Five months after his victory in the TUF 3 finals, Michael Bisping was slated to fight Eric Schafer at The Ultimate Fighter 4 finale, but withdrew because of problems acquiring his visa.

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10. On 21 April 2007, Michael Bisping scored a TKO win over Elvis Sinosic at UFC 70 in Manchester, England.

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11. On 8 September 2007, Michael Bisping faced former Ultimate Fighter 3 rival Matt Hamill in London, England.

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12. On 19 April 2008 at UFC 83, Michael Bisping made his middleweight debut against Charles McCarthy.

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13. Michael Bisping won by TKO, as McCarthy was unable to continue after the first round due to a forearm injury he sustained after receiving an unanswered series of knees and uppercuts from Michael Bisping.

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14. Michael Bisping faced Spirit MC and PRIDE veteran Denis Kang at UFC 105 on 14 November 2009.

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15. Michael Bisping defeated Dan Miller by unanimous decision on 29 May 2010 at UFC 114.

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16. Michael Bisping dominated the first round scoring a few takedowns until he delivered an illegal knee to the head of Rivera.

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17. Rivera denied the comments and attempted to make amends but Michael Bisping told him to "go home" and called him a "loser.

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18. Michael Bisping lost the fight in the second round after being dropped by a head kick and then submitted with a guillotine choke.

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19. In late December 2018, Michael Bisping appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, elaborating on his retirement from MMA, which he said was due to eye injury suffered in the fight with Kelvin Gastelum.

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20. Michael Bisping portrayed Roy Shaw in the sports drama film My Name Is Lenny.

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21. Michael Bisping stated his satisfaction after Belfort lost via a knockout from a front kick by Lyoto Machida on 12 May 2018 at UFC 224, in his retirement fight.

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