17 Facts About Michael Capellas


Michael David Capellas was born on August 19,1954 and is an American executive in the computer and telecommunication industries.


The family then emigrated to Ohio where Michael Capellas' father worked his way up from laborer to superintendent at the Republic Steel Corp.


Shortly after he graduated with a BBA from Kent State, Michael Capellas met his future wife, Marie Angelillo, a former nurse.


Michael Capellas went on to hold senior executive roles at Schlumberger, Benchmarking Partners, SAP, and Oracle Corporation.


In 1999, when president and chief executive officer Eckhard Pfeiffer was forced to resign after a boardroom coup led by chairman Benjamin M Rosen, Rosen took on the capacity of interim CEO while Capellas was elevated to COO.


Several months later, Michael Capellas became permanent CEO and Chairman of Compaq.


Michael Capellas's efforts resulted in Compaq becoming Microsoft's key strategic partner for the release of its Windows 2000 operating system.


In 2001, Michael Capellas led Compaq into an acquisition by Hewlett-Packard, but the deal was delayed for eight months because of a proxy and boardroom battle within HP.


Finally, on May 3,2002, Hewlett-Packard announced approval of the acquisition and Michael Capellas became president of the post-merger Hewlett-Packard, under CEO Carly Fiorina, to ease the integration of the two companies.


However, Michael Capellas was reported not to be happy with his role, being said not to be utilized and being unlikely to become CEO as the board supported Fiorina.


Michael Capellas stepped down on November 12,2002, just six months on the job.


In December 2002, Michael Capellas became the turnaround president and CEO of WorldCom.


Michael Capellas led a successful restructuring of the organization, one of the largest in corporate history, and stepped down as CEO after MCI's merger with Verizon in 2006.


In December 2006, Michael Capellas was appointed acting CEO of Serena Software, selected by Silver Lake Partners, the company that took Serena private in March 2006 and where Michael Capellas served as a senior advisor.


On July 10,2007, Michael Capellas was identified as the new CEO of First Data Corporation.


Michael Capellas is on the board of directors for Cisco, and was on the national board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.


In 2001, Michael Capellas was inducted into the Warren, Ohio Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.