16 Facts About Carly Fiorina

1. In 2017, Carly Fiorina headlined the 40th anniversary of Log Cabin Republicans, a political action committee which supports same-sex marriage and LGBT rights.

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2. In that campaign, Carly Fiorina issued a position paper in which she "strongly advocated for metric-based accountability in schools" and "praised No Child Left Behind as setting high standards, and Race to the Top for using internationally-benchmarked measures.

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3. In September 2015, Carly Fiorina said: "No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Common Core—they're all big, bureaucratic programs that are failing our nation.

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4. On March 9, 2016, Carly Fiorina endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz for President, saying she was "horrified" by Donald Trump, and that Cruz was the only candidate that could stop him.

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5. On May 4, 2015, Carly Fiorina announced her candidacy during an interview on Good Morning America, with George Stephanopoulos.

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6. On June 8, 2010, Carly Fiorina won the Republican primary election for the Senate with over 50 percent of the vote, beating Campbell and State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

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7. On November 4, 2009, Carly Fiorina formally announced her candidacy in the 2010 Senate election in a bid to unseat incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer.

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8. On March 7, 2008, Carly Fiorina was named fundraising chair for the Republican National Committee's "Victory" initiative.

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9. In 2015, Carly Fiorina received an honorary degree and delivered the commencement address at Southern New Hampshire University.

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10. In October 2007, Carly Fiorina signed with the Fox Business Network as a business commentator.

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11. In October 2006, Carly Fiorina published an autobiography entitled Tough Choices, about her career and her views on issues, what constitutes a leader, how women can thrive in business, and the role technology will continue to play in reshaping the world.

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12. In 2003, Carly Fiorina was named by Fortune Magazine the most powerful woman in business, a position she held for five years.

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13. In September 2001, Carly Fiorina said she intended to cut an additional 15,000 jobs in the event of a merger with Compaq.

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14. In July 2005, soon after Carly Fiorina resigned as CEO, her successor Mark Hurd ended HP's agreement with Apple, within days of taking office, a "highly symbolic decision" that was well-received as a return to innovation by HP.

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15. In 1997, prior to Carly Fiorina's joining the company, HP's Dutch subsidiary formed a partnership with a company in Dubai, Redington Gulf, which sold HP's products in Iran.

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16. That year, Carly Fiorina chaired a 2.5 billion joint venture between Lucent's consumer communications and Royal Philips Electronics, under the name Philips Consumer Communications.

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