8 Facts About Mick Hucknall

1. In March 2014, Mick Hucknall settled the hunting and fishing rights lawsuit, ongoing for 5 years, with a neighbour in Ireland.

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2. In 2003, Mick Hucknall backed Tony Blair's stance on Operation Iraqi Freedom, claiming he had "more respect for Blair than ever" and pointed out that British critics of the war were lucky to be living in a country where they could express their opinions.

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3. In 1998 Mick Hucknall was named in a list of those who donated more than £5,000 to the party.

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4. In October 2011, Mick Hucknall was awarded with a BASCA Gold Badge award in recognition of his contribution to music.

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5. In October 2009, Mick Hucknall appeared at a charity performance as vocalist for a re-formed version of Faces, replacing Rod Stewart.

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6. In June 2009, Mick Hucknall took part in Songbook as part of the Sky Arts series, whereby music artists reflect on their favourite compositions and their background history in music.

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7. In 2008 Mick Hucknall released his first solo album Tribute to Bobby, a tribute to the blues musician Bobby "Blue" Bland.

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8. In 1997 Mick Hucknall won an Outstanding Achievement award from the Music of Black Origin Awards despite being white.

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