26 Facts About Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform web browser created and developed by Microsoft.

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Chromium-based Microsoft Edge replaced Internet Explorer in Windows 11, as the default web browser (for compatibility with Google Chrome).

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In December 2018, Microsoft Edge announced plans to rebuild the browser as Chromium-based with Blink and V8 engines.

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In June 2020, Microsoft Edge began automatic rollout of the new version via Windows Update for Windows 7, 8.

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In May 2022, according to StatCounter, Microsoft Edge became the second most popular browser in the world, overtaking Apple's Safari.

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Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 11, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, replacing Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer Mobile.

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Microsoft Edge has a new feature called vertical tabs which allow users to move tabs on the left side of the screen.

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Microsoft Edge indicated that the delay in allowing extensions and the small number was due to security concerns.

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Microsoft Edge originally lacked support for open media standards such as WebM and Opus, but these were later added in Microsoft Edge 14.

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Major versions of Microsoft Edge Stable are now scheduled for release every 4 weeks, closely following Chromium version releases.

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In May 2020, an update to Microsoft Edge added Surf, a video game where players control a surfer attempting to evade obstacles and collect powerups.

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In December 2014, writing for ZDNet, technology writer Mary Jo Foley reported that Microsoft Edge was developing a new web browser codenamed "Spartan" for Windows 10.

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Microsoft Edge's said that "Spartan" would be treated as a new product separate from Internet Explorer, with Internet Explorer 11 retained alongside it for compatibility.

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In early January 2015, The Verge obtained further details surrounding "Spartan" from sources close to Microsoft Edge, including reports that it would replace Internet Explorer on both the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10.

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Microsoft Edge officially unveiled "Spartan" during a Windows 10-focused keynote on January 21, 2015.

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The new engine used by "Spartan" was available in Windows 10 builds as part of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge later announced that Internet Explorer would be deprecated on Windows 10 and would not use the "Spartan" engine.

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The last time a Microsoft Edge browser was available on the Mac platform was Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer for Mac, which was withdrawn in January 2006.

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On June 18, 2019, IAmA post on Reddit, an Microsoft Edge developer stated that it was theoretically possible for a Linux version to be developed in the future, but no work had actually started on that possibility.

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On June 19, 2019, Microsoft made Edge available on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 for testing.

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On September 22, 2020, Microsoft announced that a beta version of Edge for Linux would be available in preview form in October 2020.

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In June 2016, Microsoft published benchmark results to prove the superior power efficiency of Edge in comparison to all other major web browsers.

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Microsoft Edge described the browser's implemented features as "some sort of cosmic joke", saying that "infuriating doesn't even begin to describe it".

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Microsoft Edge explained, "from a privacy perspective Microsoft Edge and Yandex are much more worrisome than the other browsers studied.

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In November 2021, a patch was released to frustrate a workaround employed by the third-party tool "EdgeDeflector", with a Microsoft spokesperson stating that search in the Windows shell is an "end-to-end customer experience" that is not designed to be modified.

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In November 2021, Microsoft announced that it would display integrated advertising for the buy now, pay later service Zip Pay in Edge during online purchases eligible for financing via the service, and allow users to link their Microsoft account to expedite registration for the service.

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Mobile versions of Microsoft Edge exist for Android and iOS, however, they have little to no market share.

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