11 Facts About Midtown Atlanta


Midtown Atlanta, or Midtown, is a high-density commercial and residential neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Since the 1990s, Midtown Atlanta has been a primary area for high-density development due to the area's mass transit options, urban street grid, and desirability.

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Definition and meaning of "Midtown Atlanta" has varied over time, expanding from an original concept of a small neighborhood midway between Downtown and Buckhead.

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In many cases, Midtown Atlanta is a quasi-legal entity for zoning, law enforcement, and tax purposes.

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The Midtown Atlanta Alliance defines a larger, "Greater Midtown Atlanta" area of approximately four square miles.

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The master plan from the Alliance, called Blueprint Midtown Atlanta, is credited with fueling the economic resurgence that has helped the once downtrodden Midtown Atlanta area transform over the past number of years into a popular neighborhood.

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Midtown Atlanta is served by Atlanta's rail rapid transit system, MARTA, at the North Avenue, Midtown, and Arts Center MARTA Stations.

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Ecodistricts are being implemented in leading cities around the world and Midtown has just completed a process to create Atlanta's first ecodistrict.

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Midtown Atlanta Ecodistrict was created in 2012 as a platform for the community to collaborate on initiatives that results in improved environmental and economic performance.

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In 2014, Midtown Atlanta Alliance decided to highlight business and buildings in Midtown Atlanta that have made a significant commitment to green practices.

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Midtown Atlanta serves cyclists and pedestrians with 5 miles of bike lanes.

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