22 Facts About Milton Keynes

1. Milton Keynes has a population of 184,506 making it the 28th biggest city in England.

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2. Milton Keynes is a city found in England, The United Kingdom.

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3. Milton Keynes is a far reaching town in Buckinghamshire, England.

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4. Milton Keynes is cutting edge in terms of digital research, thanks to numerous past projects.

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5. Milton Keynes is at the leading edge of digital research.

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6. In 2013, Milton Keynes had around 255,700 residents—expected to rise to almost 300,000 people by 2026 and 325,000 by 2037.

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7. Milton Keynes has more than 22 million trees and shrubs, around 100 for every resident.

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8. Milton Keynes is philosophically premised on something unusual in nostalgia-hobbled, class-stratified, can't-do Britain.

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9. Milton Keynes was premised on the cultivation of community spirit and charitable sentiment.

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10. On Monday, Milton Keynes marks the 50th anniversary of its designation as a new town.

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11. Milton Keynes is famous for its Concrete Cows sculpture created by Canadian artist Liz Leyh in 1978 with the help of local school children.

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12. Milton Keynes is celebrating 50 years since was created in 1967 to alleviate housing shortages in London.

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13. When the boundary of Milton Keynes was defined, some 40,000 people lived in the "designated area" of almost 9,000 hectares.

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14. Milton Keynes has become known as a place where startups can thrive.

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15. Milton Keynes has a dynamic economy, with growth in the region tending to be healthy.

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16. Milton Keynes has lots of museums like The Cowper and Newton Museum, which showcase local culture and history.

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17. Milton Keynes has been identified by Centre for Cities as one of five Fast Growth Cities, with significant potential for future growth.

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18. Milton Keynes experiences an oceanic climate similar to almost all of the United Kingdom.

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19. Milton Keynes is served by routes 6 and 51 on the National Cycle Network.

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20. Milton Keynes consists of many pre-existing towns and villages, as well as new infill developments.

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21. Milton Keynes is home to the Xscape indoor ski slope, the iFLY indoor sky diving facility, and the National Badminton Centre.

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22. Milton Keynes has been dubbed Buckinghamshire capital of shrubs by The Guardian newspaper.

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