12 Facts About Mohawk River


Mohawk River is a 149-mile-long river in the U S state of New York.

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Mohawk River's source is at the confluence of the West Branch and East Branch in north-central Oneida County.

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The lower part of the Mohawk River has five permanent dams, nine movable dams, and five active hydropower plants.

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Mohawk River watershed drains a large section of the Catskill Mountains, the Mohawk River Valley proper, and a section of the southern Adirondack Mountains.

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Much of the main trunk of the Mohawk River sits in Cambro-Ordovician carbonates and Middle Ordovician sandstones and shales.

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Mohawk River has long been important to transportation and migration to the west as a passage through the Appalachian Mountains, between the Catskill Mountains and Allegheny Plateau to the south and the Adirondack Mountains to the north.

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The Mohawk River Valley allowed easier passage than going over the mountains to the north or south of the valley.

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Mohawk River followed the river upstream from Albany for a distance of 100 miles, including all the territory of the Mohawks.

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Mohawk River has a relatively long record of flooding that has been documented back to settlement in the 17th century.

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The most severe flood of record on the main trunk of the Mohawk River was the spring breakup flood that occurred from 27 to 28 March 1914.

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Mohawk River saw significant flooding during the weeks between August 21, 2011, and September 5, 2011, due to torrential rains experienced from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

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The next day, the Mohawk River flooded the valley, residents were stranded and without power for about a week.

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