44 Facts About Monica Lewinsky

1. Monica Lewinsky said Monday that she decided to participate in a new documentary series about her infamous 1990s affair with then-President Bill Clinton so that she could ensure that her experience "never happens to another young person in our country again.

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2. Monica Lewinsky is telling all in a new interview that details her affair with former President Bill Clinton and how the scandal forever changed her life, Fox News has learned.

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3. Monica Lewinsky said that she initially didn't realize a semen stain was left behind on her dress from her hook-up with then-President Bill Clinton, a dress she then wore out to dinner.

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4. Monica Lewinsky is reliving the traumatic events of 1998, when she was outed for her affair with then-US President Bill Clinton: a saga that has forever since seen her cast as "that woman.

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5. Monica Lewinsky thought the semen stain on her dress from President Bill Clinton was actually spinach dip, according to a new series of interviews on the Clinton affair.

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6. Monica Lewinsky says she wants to personally apologize to Hillary Clinton for 'how very sorry I am'.

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7. Monica Lewinsky says that, given the chance, she would apologize to Hillary Clinton for her role in the 1998 scandal.

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8. Monica Lewinsky says she would apologize to the Clintons—even if they won't apologize to her.

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9. Monica Lewinsky opens up old wounds in "The Clinton Affair".

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10. Monica Lewinsky rarely speaks on her two-year relationship with Bill Clinton.

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11. Monica Lewinsky says 'grief' led her to take part in new docuseries 'The Clinton Affair'.

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12. Monica Lewinsky contemplated suicide when her affair with Bill Clinton was first exposed.

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13. Monica Lewinsky says she wants to apologize to Hilary face to face!.

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14. In the new documentary, Monica Lewinsky admitted that she had a crush on Bill Clinton and frequently.

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15. Monica Lewinsky has shared more details of the scandal which rocked the White House when Bill Clinton was president, leading to several investigations.

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16. Monica Lewinsky says that if she were to run into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in person, she would.

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17. Monica Lewinsky says Bill Clinton 'should want to apologize' to her.

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18. Monica Lewinsky has apologized for her affair with Bill Clinton.

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19. Monica Lewinsky trashed former President Bill Clinton for saying he didn't owe her an apology for their affair and contends she'd say sorry to his wife if they came face-to-face.

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20. Monica Lewinsky says she'd apologize to Hillary Clinton if she saw her today.

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21. Monica Lewinsky is ready to tell her side of the story in a brand new documentary series about her affair with Bill Clinton during her White House internship.

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22. Monica Lewinsky opens up old wounds in "The Clinton Affair".

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23. Monica Lewinsky speaks about Clintons, bullies and thoughts of suicide.

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24. In a new documentary, Monica Lewinsky talks about her early flirtations with the then-president.

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25. Monica Lewinsky disclosed new details about her White House affair with former President Bill Clinton in an.

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26. Monica Lewinsky is sharing new details about her past relationship with Bill Clinton.

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27. Monica Lewinsky is revealing how she initially got President Bill Clinton's attention before they began their affair.

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28. Monica Lewinsky reveals how she first got Bill Clinton's attention.

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29. Monica Lewinsky says she felt gutted by Bill Clinton, and she wants a chance to talk to Hillary in person.

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30. Monica Lewinsky describes 'flirtatious encounters' with Bill Clinton in upcoming documentary.

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31. Monica Lewinsky opens up in newly released clips from the upcoming A docuseries, "The Clinton Affair.

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32. Monica Lewinsky refused to answer the question, and walked off the stage.

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33. The first question Levi asked was whether Monica Lewinsky thinks that Clinton owes her a private apology.

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34. In September 2018, Monica Lewinsky spoke at a conference in Jerusalem.

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35. In March 2015, Monica Lewinsky continued to speak out publicly against cyberbullying, delivering a TED talk calling for a more compassionate Internet.

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36. In July 2014, Monica Lewinsky was interviewed in a three-part television special for the National Geographic Channel, titled The 90s: The Last Great Decade.

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37. In May 2014, Monica Lewinsky wrote an essay for Vanity Fair magazine titled "Shame and Survival", wherein she discussed her life and the scandal.

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38. In December 2006, Monica Lewinsky graduated with a Master of Science degree.

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39. Monica Lewinsky hosted the reality television dating program, Mr Personality, on Fox Television Network in 2003, where she advised young women contestants who were picking men hidden by masks.

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40. Monica Lewinsky designed the bags—described by New York magazine as "hippie-ish, reversible totes"—and traveled frequently to supervise their manufacture in Louisiana.

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41. In January 1998, after Monica Lewinsky had submitted an affidavit in the Paula Jones case denying any physical relationship with Clinton, and had attempted to persuade Tripp to lie under oath in that case, Tripp gave the tapes to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, adding to his ongoing investigation into the Whitewater controversy.

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42. Monica Lewinsky told co-worker Linda Tripp about her relationship with the President.

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43. Monica Lewinsky moved to Washington, DC and took up the position in July 1995.

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44. Monica Lewinsky was born in San Francisco, California, and grew up in an affluent family in Southern California in the Westside Brentwood area of Los Angeles and in Beverly Hills.

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