10 Facts About Montgomery Place


Montgomery Place, now Bard College: The Montgomery Place Campus, near Barrytown, New York, United States, is an early 19th-century estate that has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

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Montgomery Place is located on Annandale Road near Barrytown, just off NY 9G.

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Janet Livingston Montgomery Place purchased from Abraham Van Benthuysen 242 acres in the late 1770s, shortly after the death of her husband, General Richard Montgomery Place, at the Battle of Quebec.

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Montgomery Place's had plans for a Federal style mansion on the riverfront property drawn up and hired a local builder.

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Montgomery Place's lived there until her death in 1828, when the property was bequeathed to her brother.

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Montgomery Place had returned to New York and was serving in the House when his sister died.

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Montgomery Place died the next year, leaving the house to his wife Louise.

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Montgomery Place added modern heating and plumbing to the main house.

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Montgomery Place used curved forms in the balustrades and wings to offset the strong vertical lines of the existing building.

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Montgomery Place added more entrances since it was expected to have multiple tenants, but four of them are disguised as windows.

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