18 Facts About Montreal Canadiens


Since 1996, the Montreal Canadiens have played their home games at Bell Centre, originally known as Molson Centre.

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One of the oldest North American professional sports franchises, the Montreal Canadiens' history predates that of every other Canadian franchise outside football, as well as every American franchise outside baseball and the National Football League's Arizona Cardinals.

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Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup more times than any other franchise, having earned 24 championships, with 23 victories since the founding of the NHL, and 22 since 1927, when NHL teams became the only ones to compete for the Stanley Cup.

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The Montreal Canadiens had the most championships by a team of any of the four major North American sports until the New York Yankees won their 25th World Series title in 1999.

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The Canadiens and its then-Montreal rival, the Montreal Maroons, declined both on the ice and economically during the Great Depression.

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Montreal Canadiens added ten more championships in 15 seasons from 1965 to 1979, with another dynastic run of four-straight Cups from 1976 to 1979.

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Montreal Canadiens won Stanley Cups in 1986, led by rookie star goaltender Patrick Roy, and in 1993, continuing their streak of winning at least one championship in every decade from the 1910s to the 1990s .

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The Montreal Canadiens then swept the Winnipeg Jets in the second round, advancing to the Stanley Cup semifinals.

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The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Vegas Golden Knights in the semifinals, clinching an overtime victory in Game 6 of the series, and reaching their first Stanley Cup Finals in 28 years, whilst being the first Canadian team to reach the Finals since the Vancouver Canucks in 2011.

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Montreal Canadiens lost the Finals to the Tampa Bay Lightning, 4 games to 1.

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Montreal Canadiens used multiple designs prior to adopting the aforementioned design in 1914.

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Montreal Canadiens' colours are a readily identifiable aspect of French Canadian culture.

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Montreal Canadiens is the first mascot in professional sports to get ejected from a game.

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Montreal Canadiens have developed strong rivalries with two fellow Original Six franchises, with whom they frequently shared divisions and competed in post-season play.

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Montreal Canadiens games are broadcast locally in both the French and English languages.

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Montreal Canadiens have retired 15 numbers in honour of 18 players, the most of any team in the NHL.

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Montreal Canadiens have an affiliation with a number of inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Howie Morenz and Georges Vezina were the first Montreal Canadiens given the honour in 1945, while Guy Carbonneau was the most recently inducted, in 2019.

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