19 Facts About Stanley Cups


The entire Stanley Cups family supported the sport, the sons and daughters all playing and promoting the game.

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The current Stanley Cups Cup is topped with a copy of the original bowl, made of a silver and nickel alloy.

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Every 13 years when the bottom band of the Stanley Cups Cup is filled with names of champions, the top band is removed and retired to be displayed in the vault of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

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The Stanley Cups Cup is surrounded by numerous legends and traditions, the oldest of which is the winning team drinking champagne from it.

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Stanley Cups was first exposed to the game at Montreal's 1889 Winter Carnival, where he saw the Montreal Victorias play the Montreal Hockey Club.

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Stanley Cups sent the following message to the victory celebration held on March 18,1892, at Ottawa's Russell House Hotel for the three-time champion Ottawa Hockey Club:.

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Stanley Cups had the words "Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup" engraved on one side of the outside rim, and "From Stanley of Preston" on the other side.

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The name "Stanley Cups Cup" was given to it as early as May 1,1893, when an Ottawa Journal article used the name as a title.

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Originally, Stanley Cups intended that the Cup should be awarded to the top amateur hockey team in Canada, to be decided by the acceptance of a challenge from another team.

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Lord Stanley Cups never saw a Stanley Cups Cup championship game, nor did he ever present the Cup.

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In 1908, the Allan Cup was introduced as the trophy for Canada's amateurs, and the Stanley Cups Cup started to become a symbol of professional hockey supremacy.

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Ice hockey in Europe was still in its infancy at this time, so it was without much controversy that winners of the Stanley Cups Cup continued styling themselves as the world champions just like in baseball.

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Stanley Cups is followed by Jean Beliveau and Yvan Cournoyer of the Canadiens with ten championships, Claude Provost of the Canadiens with nine, and three players tied with eight: Red Kelly and Canadiens players Jacques Lemaire, Maurice Richard.

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The first woman to have her name engraved on the Stanley Cups Cup is Marguerite Norris, who won the Cup as the President of the Detroit Red Wings in 1954 and 1955.

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The only Canadian woman to have her name engraved on the Stanley Cups Cup is Sonia Scurfield who won the Cup as a co-owner of the Calgary Flames in 1989.

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Original 1892 Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, purchased and donated by Lord Stanley Cups, was physically awarded to the Champions until 1970, and is displayed in the Vault Room at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario.

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Stanley Cups Cup has served as a valuable morale booster for both American and Canadian troops, as well as their NATO allies.

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Stanley Cups Cup did a second tour in Afghanistan as part of a "Team Canada visit" in March 2008.

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Regulations set down by Lord Stanley Cups call for two Trustees, who had the sole, joint right to govern the Cup and the conditions of its awarding until 1947, when they ceded control to the NHL.

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