16 Facts About Yvan Cournoyer


Yvan Serge Cournoyer was born on November 22,1943 and is a Canadian former professional hockey right winger who played in the National Hockey League for the Montreal Canadiens from 1963 to 1979.

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In 1972, Cournoyer scored the tying goal in the critical eighth game of the Canada-USSR series, creating the possibility of a Canadian win.

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Yvan Cournoyer was nicknamed "The Roadrunner" due to his small size and blazing speed, which he credited to longer blades on his skates.

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In 2017 Yvan Cournoyer was named one of the '100 Greatest NHL Players' in history.

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Yvan Cournoyer made his NHL debut in 1963 with the Montreal Canadiens and earned a full-time spot with the club in 1964 after just seven games with the American Hockey League's Quebec Aces.

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Yvan Cournoyer was initially regarded by Canadiens head coach Toe Blake as a defensive liability and undeserving of a regular shift, though he was still frequently used on the power play.

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Yvan Cournoyer was named captain of the Canadiens in 1975 following the retirement of Henri Richard, pushing him to play harder in his new leadership role.

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Yvan Cournoyer would become only one of the Habs' two captains to win Stanley Cups throughout his entire tenure as captain, the other one being Maurice Richard, Henri's older brother.

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The speedy Yvan Cournoyer's ability to stay true to his form in his older age was a favourite topic of discussion of the Montreal fans and hockey media and he did slow down due to a disc in his back that was pressing on a nerve and causing him great pain.

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Yvan Cournoyer eventually had to have surgery on his back and missed the entire 1977 postseason.

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Yvan Cournoyer returned for the 1978 season and played in 68 games, scoring 24 goals and collecting 29 assists to match his previous season's total of 53 points, though it was evident his back still bothered him.

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Yvan Cournoyer managed to perform in the playoffs again with seven goals and four assists in 15 games en route to Montreal's third consecutive Cup.

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Yvan Cournoyer won a total of 10 Stanley Cups as a player, second only to Henri Richard's 11.

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The Yvan Cournoyer legacy includes many Top 10 Canadien records - 7th in total games played, 4th in goals scored, 7th in assists and 6th in total points scored.

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Yvan Cournoyer played for Canada in the 1972 Summit Series, and is part of the famous picture wherein Paul Henderson jumps into his arms after scoring the game winner.

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Yvan Cournoyer serves as an official ambassador for the Montreal Canadiens.

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