13 Facts About Morley College


Morley College is a specialist adult education and further education college in London, England.

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Samuel Morley College is buried at Dr Watts' Walk, Abney Park Cemetery, in Stoke Newington, London.

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Morley College was run separately from the Theatre, but held its classes and student meetings back-stage and in the theatre dressing rooms.

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Kensington and Chelsea Morley College was established in 1990, by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, from a merger of parts of two former institutions.

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Morley College successfully steered the transition from Local Authority College to freestanding Further Education Corporation, including negotiating freehold ownership of previously shared use sites while developing a strategic partnership with the Local Authority .

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Morley College's used her previous experience as an inspector, to help the college achieve a successful inspection at a time when inspection criteria had become more rigorous, as well as expanding the college's vocational programme.

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Main Morley College campus is located in the Waterloo district of London, on the South Bank.

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The Arts Centre, situated in an old pub adjacent to the main Morley College building, has a painting and drawing studio and a print studio on the first, second and third floors.

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Morley College Gallery occupies the whole of the ground floor with six imposing windows facing Westminster Bridge Road and King Edward Walk, London, SE1.

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For some students, such as Advanced Painting Workshop and Advanced Textile Workshop, exhibiting in the Morley College Gallery provides an important part of their academic year.

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Morley Chamber Choir, the Morley Chamber Orchestra, and Morley College Choir are established music groups within the college.

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Morley College was the scene of early experiments in Improv Theatre when Keith Johnstone brought his troupe from the Royal Court Theatre Studio to demonstrate his ideas to his Contemporary Theatre class.

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Morley College has specialist art and design studios for ceramics, digital design, fashion design and clothes making, jewellery, sculpture, and printmaking.

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